The mega-hit “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee is on everyone’s lips again.

That’s because Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden put it on his cell phone for a few seconds during a campaign rally Tuesday night in Florida, right after being introduced by Fonsi himself.

The image became popular on social media Wednesday when President Donald Trump retweeted a tweet featuring a video of Biden. putting the song. However, the song you hear is not « Despacito », but one of the group N.W.A. which includes lyrics denouncing police abuse against minorities.

Trump comments in the tweet: “China must be drooling. You can’t believe this!  » The post includes a message from Twitter warning that the content of the video has been tampered with.

Spokesmen for Biden called Trump’s retweet part of « the more than 20,000 lies and misinformation emerging from the president of the United States. » They also told the AP that it was « another desperate attempt (by Trump) to distract from his total and complete inability to lead. »

Biden played a few seconds of Fonsi’s song at an act in Kissimmee, Florida, to mark the start of Hispanic Heritage Month. The candidate tries to increase his support among Hispanics in the state, who could tip the balance towards Democrats or Republicans. Florida is a very tight electoral state.

Trump spokesmen did not respond to a message from The Associated Press requesting comment on the president’s retweet.

The Latinos For Trump team, however, released a video Wednesday afternoon in which “Despacito” is heard and Biden is seen touching the shoulders of several women from behind and kissing their heads.

« In fact,‘ Despacito ’is the perfect song for Joe Biden, » read the accompanying text.

The Democratic candidate has been criticized in the past for getting too close and expressing exaggerated displays of affection in public to women.

On the other hand, Fonsi praised Biden on Twitter, calling him « a great leader. »

“He has shown his respect and admiration for the Latino community and for PR (Puerto Rico) for many years. It is time we have a president who treats us with the dignity we deserve! ”, Wrote the singer.

The fact that Biden put the hit of 2017 on his phone while moving his hips a bit was criticized by some on social media who called his attitude complacent. Others, however, found it fine.

« We Latinos love music, we love to celebrate »said Natascha Otero-Santiago, a volunteer who leads the Boricuas for Biden group. The Hispanic said that hearing the song at Tuesday’s event « gave the event a joyous touch. »