Biden proposes financial aid for separated families on the border with Mexico

America could pay the transportation, health care, legal services, and employment and education services for the Migrants Separated Under Former President Donald Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” Border Strategy, according to the Department of Foreign Relations.

Joe biden wants to implement for his family reunification plan and thus find, identify and reunite with the parents the more than 500 migrant children separated by the policies of their predecessor.

“We are doing everything possible through the Department of Homeland Security and the federal government to unite children who have been cruelly separated from their parents”, assured the secretary of the DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas.

In 2018 Trump instituted the strategy of “zero tolerance” , by which Anyone crossing borders outside of official locations would be arrested and tried. As a result, Thousands of children were separated at the US-Mexico border from their parents who were trying to enter illegally in search of refuge or work.

Biden ended this policy days after taking office and your Executive wants to act quickly and promptly on this matter. In the same executive order, the Biden administration also He proposed to consider bringing the deported parents back to the United States.

As an alternative policy Biden plans to create programs to escort those entering the United States and ensure they are granted clearance, rather than immediately stopping them at the border.

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