Washington, United States.

Joe Biden, candidate democrat to the presidency of United States, stoked the controversy this Friday by telling a radio host African American than “not black” if I thought to support the president Donald trump in the November elections.

Immediately, the campaign team of Trump, with whom it is expected to dispute the White House, accused him of racism.

“It shouldn’t have been so impertinent,” said the 77-year-old former vice president, regretting his comments.unfortunate. “

“No one should have to vote for a party based on your race, religion, origins “, he added, according to journalists who attended his invitation to the National Chamber of Commerce Black, that promotes the economic development of African-Americans.

Controversial interview

Biden, 77, and future candidate of the Democratic Party, He made the controversial comments during an energetic and at times controversial interview with the popular black announcer. Charlamagne tha God, who questioned him about his record in his relationship with that minority.

Biden, number two of Barack Obama in the White House for eight years, he firmly defended his ties to the black community.

“I get overwhelming support” from the leaders and black votershe said during the interview.

Charlamagne, whose real name is Lenard Larry McKelvey, He said after 17 minutes of interview that he expected that Biden I could get back into his program because “there’s a long way to go until November (and) there are more questions.

“You have more questions?”, The senator replied from his home, where he is confined by the pandemic new coronavirus.

“Well, I tell you, if you have a problem choose between Trump and me then you are not black“, he claimed.

The comments, which were broadcast on Friday morning during the radio program The Breakfast Club, sparked immediate reactions.

The president’s campaign team called the exchange “unpleasant” on Twitter, while his son Donald Trump Jr. accused Biden on the same network of having a “racist mentality disgusting and dehumanizing. “

Senator Tim Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate, noted in turn that 1.3 million Americans blacks they had voted by Trump in 2016.

“I would say that I am surprised [por el comentario de Biden], but unfortunately it is normal that Democrats assume that the community Black supports them, “Scott tweeted.

Charlamagne challenged Biden for the same reason, saying he is concerned that “Democrats take it for granted that black voters “ will speak for them.

Biden replied that he had worked on black communities during decades. And he remembered that in South Carolina, where he won the Democratic primaries February, it outstripped rivals in every county.

“I have obtained more proportion of the black vote than anyone, including Barack Obama, said.

A hypothesis about the defeat of Hillary clinton In 2016, the Democrats gave the votes of the African-Americans in advance and won, therefore, they did not campaign enough with them, which resulted in a low participation compared to the elections in which they had run. Obama.

Their mobilization is considered crucial to winning the White House on November 3.

Equally, Trump He has been accused of racism after making ambiguous comments about white nationalists, and remains unpopular with black voters.

When asked about the controversy, Charlamagne tha God said that “blacks have invested a lot in this party (democrat) and the return on investment has not been great. “

“You can’t ask me what be more afraid of Trump than to find things for mine, “he said in a statement to the Mediaite site.

In the interview, which continued after the controversial exchange, Biden recalled his work to strengthen the right to African American vote, and indicated that institutional racism “still prevails” in society.

In this sense, he denounced the management of the Trump administration of the coronavirus pandemic, which disproportionately affects more to blacks than whites in some regions of the country.

“In services considered essential, there is a disproportionate number of African-Americans. And they are breaking their necks, risking their lives, losing their lives,” said the Democrat.

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The interviewer also noted that many have opposed Biden choosing a black candidate for vice president. “Blacks saved their political life in the Democratic primary,” he said.

Biden then pointed out that “many black women they are being considered “in their selection process that could last until July.

Speculations include Democratic senator and former presidential candidate Kamala Harris, former Georgia governor-nominee. Stacey Abrams and to Congresswoman-elect in the House of Representatives Val Demings.