Biden conveys “seamless” support for Israel’s security to Netanyahu

15 minutes. The president of the United States (USA), Joe Biden, conveyed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday his “seamless” support for Israel’s security, amid the escalation of the conflict with the Palestinians.

The White House reported in a statement that during their telephone conversation Biden expressed his support “Israel’s right to defend itself and its people, while protecting civilians”.

In parallel, the US president encouraged finding a way to restore “a sustainable calm” in the region. Manifested “his conviction that Jerusalem, a city of importance to believers around the world, should be a place of peace“.

Before the release of the statement, Biden revealed that he spoke with Netanyahu and that he expected the crisis to end “sooner rather than later.”

Even so, he stressed that “Israel has the right to defend itself when it has received thousands of rockets on its territory.”

And he affirmed that those responsible for National Security and Defense of his Government maintain “constant” contact with their interlocutors in the Middle East.

According to the White House statement, Biden informed Netanyahu of his Executive’s diplomatic consultations with other countries.

And they agreed that their teams remain in contact as up to now at the level of foreign ministers, defense ministers and national security advisers, as well as between the two personally.

The UN asks to avoid civilian victims

The US announced Wednesday that it will send the State Department’s Deputy Under-Secretary for Palestinian and Israeli Affairs, Hady Amr, to the Middle East. He called on Israel to do “everything possible” to avoid civilian casualties.

At the UN, the US stopped a possible declaration of the Security Council in response to the clashes between Israelis and Palestinians, which were discussed urgently and behind closed doors by the 15 members of this body.

According to diplomatic sources, Washington opposed a proposal presented by other countries, considering that it would not be useful to reduce tension.

New confrontation towards a fourth war

In that sense, so far the Security Council officially remains silent on the latest crisis in the Middle East.

Israel and the Palestinian militias did not show any containment on Wednesday, despite the death of civilians and international appeals, and they intensified the attacks that lead this new confrontation towards a fourth war.

The rockets from the Gaza Strip – more than a thousand, most intercepted or failed – this Wednesday, according to the Israeli emergency service United Hatzala, killed a 6-year-old boy, raising the number of victims in Israel to seven.

In Gaza, 65 Palestinians have died since Monday, including 16 children.

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