When asked whether wearing a mask represents weakness or strength, Joe Biden said it means leadership.

The virtual Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, qualified the President of the United States, Donald trump, as “an absolute fool”, after the president published a tweet in which he mocked Biden for using mask.

Joe Biden’s management of H1N1 swine flu was a complete and utter mess. Even the polls about it were terrible!

In an interview with CNN, the former vice president said that Trump “is a fool. Absolute fool for speaking that way. Every major document in the world is saying that we should wear a mask when we’re in a crowd, especially when you’re going to get closer than 12 feet to someone. ”

“This is male … I shouldn’t continue, but it’s costing people’s lives. We are almost one hundred thousand dead today, “said Biden. When asked whether wearing a mask represents weakness or strength, Biden said it means leadership.

The day before, the former vice president of Barack Obama He was caught wearing a face mask at a Memorial Day ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Park in Delaware, the state where he lives. On the same day, neither Trump nor the First Lady wore one during commemoration events.

The president shared a photo of Biden wearing a mask on Monday, with a caption saying “This may explain why Trump does not like to wear a mask in public.”

Trump denied at a press conference Tuesday that he was mocking the former vice president. “Biden can wear a mask, but he was standing outside with his wife in perfect weather, inside they do not wear a mask, so it seemed strange and funny to me, but I was not criticizing him, why would he do something like that?” .

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