Biden appoints special envoy for LGBTQ rights

The president of United States, Joe bidenannounced on Friday the Jessica Stern appointment as their special envoy for defense of the rights of the LGBTQ community in the world.

Pride is back in the White House, “Biden told a group of gay rights activists, transgender military service members and youth, and officials during a commemoration of the month that celebrates the mobilization for gay rights in the United States. United.

Yes OK Biden expressed his own pride for leading what he called the most pro-LGBTQ and egalitarian administration in US history, he stressed that the “work is still unfinished.”

When a same-sex couple can get married in the morning, but are denied a lease in the afternoon because they are gay, something is still wrong, “he said by way of example.

This is a new movement aimed at increasing global awareness and acceptance of the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities.

Jessica Stern, current director of the NGO OutRight Action International, will be attached to the State Department.

It will play a “crucial” role in ensuring that “American diplomacy protects and upholds the rights of LGBTQI + people around the world,” the White House said.

The Democratic president is also expected to sign legislation on Friday that makes the gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the target of an attack in 2016, a “National Monument”.

The attack on Pulse, perpetrated June 12, 2016 by a heavily armed man on behalf of the Islamic State group, deeply shocked the country and the LGBTQ community, in the middle of the month of Pride celebration.

The legislation passed unanimously in the Senate in early June, in a rare moment of political consensus in Washington.

Joining Biden was Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay member of a presidential cabinet.

There have been great strides in this country, “Buttigieg said, although he clarified:” But there are reminders everywhere about how you see going backwards, not just in shocking acts of violence like the Pulse shooting that this country now rightly commemorates, but in the daily grind of politics as rights and equality are debated. “


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