Biden Announces New Guide to Using Masks Outdoors

April 27, 2021


The president of the United States (USA), Joe Biden, announced a new guide for the use of masks in the open air, informed sources close to the White House.

It is expected that there will be guidelines on the use of masks for people who have already been fully vaccinated versus people who have not.

Given this, Dr. Anthony Fauci indicated that the new measures will be soon to be announced. The news comes after several states resumed use of Johnson & Johnson vaccines against COVID-19.

The resumption came quickly after federal health officials explained that they were ending an 11-day hiatus in inoculation with J&J vaccines.

During the hiatus, scientific advisers decided that the benefits of the vaccines outweighed the unusual risk of a blood clot.

Across the United States, more than 228 million doses have been applied so far, with 42% of the population already receiving at least one vaccine while 28% are already fully vaccinated, according to data from the Centers for Control and Disease Prevention.