Biden and the Pentagon: “There will be other biological threats,” but global warming is the greatest danger to US security.

Biden visits British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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When landing in Europe To meet with his government allies against Russian hackers and possible Chinese link on the origins of COVID-19, President Joe Biden said that for years global warming has been “the greatest threat facing the United States” for the Pentagon.

In 2009, “When I was elected vice president for the first time With President Obama, the military sat us down to inform us what they were the biggest threats facing the United States“Biden told US troops in England on Wednesday shortly after landing for his first trip abroad as president.

“This is not a joke: you know what the Joint Chiefs of Staff told us was the biggest threat facing the United States? Global warming. Because there will be major population movements, fights for land, millions of people leaving places because they are literally sinking under the sea in Indonesia, due to fights over arable land. “

The Pentagon has followed the possible security implications of global warming since at least 2004. A 2015 Department of Defense report classified climate change as “An urgent and growing threat”, as well as a “hazard multiplier” that could worsen existing ones. But that report did not rank changes in the weather as the top threat, the New York Post noted.

Biden emphasized global warming on the first scale of a trip through three countries until June 17, which will feature a G7 summit in England, a summit of the NATO in Belgium (Brussels) and a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva (Switzerland).

“I go to the G7, then to the [reunión] NATO ministerial and then to meet with Putin to let him know what I want him to know, ”Biden said.

“At every point along the way, we will make it clear that America is back. Y the world’s democracies are united to tackle the toughest challenges and the problems that matter most for our future ”, he stressed.

Biden warned of the threat of global warming after mentioning COVID-19, not to mention the Chinese government being transparent as the “lab leak” theory gains ground, as it did days ago.

“We have to end COVID-19, not only at home, which we are doing, but everywhere. There is no wall high enough to keep us safe from this pandemic or the next biological threat we face, and there will be others. It requires coordinated multilateral action, “he said, before changing the subject, saying:” We must all commit to ambitious climate action if we are to prevent the worst impacts of climate change by limiting global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. ”.

In late May, Biden ordered the intelligence community to begin a review of evidence to determine if coronavirus had emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the central city of China, as has been suggested. Immediately, that country reacted again against these international accusations.

Days after, Biden said that his Chinese counterpart believes that his country will “own the United States” in the next 15 years, speaking to American service members in a military base in Virginia, on the eve of the Memorial Day holiday.

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