Biden and Putin: the meeting and the events / Ricardo Ortiz Esquivel

The arrival of the 46th president to the White House meant returning to international hegemony and seeking, at all costs, to be the country that once again leads any action or movement in world politics.

Joe biden He was aggressive and forceful in the face of intelligence reports that assured a Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections and the hacking of various government systems by Russian cybercriminals.

A diplomatic war has gradually accelerated between Russia and the United States since the beginning of this year.

In March, the US president called his Russian counterpart a “murderer” and “a person without a soul,” from an interview on ABC. Likewise, he promised retaliation to the Kremlin.

By April, the US expelled 10 Russian diplomats from their country. Russia wasted no time in taking an equivalent measure and imposing new protocols for any US diplomatic attaché on Russian soil. Likewise, various funds and investments that came from the North American country were limited.

Also, the case Navalni and his imprisonment, the situation in Eastern Ukraine with Russian troops on its borders and the support of the Russian government in recent events in Belarus, have been triggers in this conflict.

Since March, the Russian ambassador Anatoly Antonov in Washington and its American counterpart in Moscow, John sullivan, they returned to their countries for “consultations”. After the meeting in Geneva, both ambassadors returned to their diplomatic missions.

By May, the US Secretary of State, Antony blinken, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergei Lavrov, met in Iceland, where a summit on the Arctic was held. The meeting served to organize the preparations for the meeting between the leaders of Russia and the United States.

At the end of that month, Swiss media and the White House confirmed what was coming: the meeting of Vladimir Putin Y Joe biden.

Geneva, Switzerland. A historic neutral territory that walled in to receive both leaders.

The last time they saw each other face to face was in 2011.

The meeting was a boom for any reflector in the world, not so much because of the issues, but because of the fact of seeing the faces, the body language and the statements made by both leaders. Everyone wanted to see the handshake, the first statements or their gestures.

From La Grange, built in the 18th century and located on the outskirts of Geneva, both leaders were able to seek dialogue and the beginning of a cooperation that is quite unstable, but that can bear the first fruits, either in six months or in one year (according to Biden). It all depends on whether Russia decides to continue with the agreement from the old Swiss village or if it returns to the tensions that give an air to a Cold War that never ended.

The topics that will be followed the most in detail are Russian cyberattacks on US government systems, Navalni, the exchange of spies who are imprisoned in both countries, Ukraine, the START treaty and bilateral cooperation.

The meeting lasted almost three hours and separate press conferences were held. Both leaders were evasive, but answered the questions in their own way. The one who looked the most irritated when answering was Biden. Putin, always manipulative, but professional.

I do not expect a great development in the short term, but I do expect an enriching diplomatic change for both nations.

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