Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo reveal strange rules

Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo reveal strange rules | Instagram

Although it may sound strange, for the singer, Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo, a series of guidelines has made their marriage work after several years, the secret of their consolidated relationship seems to have come to light, after certain rules were made known, among which they indicate “They do not speak with strangers more than 10 minutes “.

Since Biby gaytan joined his life to that of Eduardo Capetillo, have become an example of what a good marriage is, in which apparently love and union coexist in their beautiful family circle made up of the couple of actors and their five children.

Possibly, no one would imagine the strange terms that have governed much of their coexistence, and some may cause some amazement and impression after the “First Hand” medium made them known.

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“Biby can’t talk to strangers”

They have rules, they have rules of coexistence. If they have an agreement that when they meet a person who is not the family circle, they cannot speak more than 10 minutes with an unknown person. Biby cannot speak for more than 10 minutes with a man or a woman, “Mónica Noguera explained.

Likewise, the communicator said that the family of the Mexican actor and singer always stay together “they are always living together, they must all be there, if one leaves, they all leave,” he commented.

However, these would not be the only rules since among the women of the family there are also certain habits that they do not ignore, especially when it comes to protecting the matriarch and her beautiful daughters.

When a woman goes to the bathroom they all go to take care of her, in this roll of caring for and protecting herself, she dreams of a geek but it has worked for them, the journalist said.

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Therefore, apparently these new revelations contradict what at some point, the remembered interpreter of “the woman who did not dream”, did after being questioned about the versions that he is very “jealous.”

It was in an interview to this same broadcast that the now famous 50-year-old denied that there is any secret or specific formula in their relationship for their marriage to work after staying together with the former model and dancer for 28 years.

There is no secret, it is something completely opposite to a secret, it is transparency. The most powerful force that exists in the universe, that is so strong and so powerful that scientists have not been able to measure it, he pointed out.

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Is jealous? Eduardo Capetillo

The television actor himself began his career in the entertainment world at a very young age, a reason that would lead him to obtain various experiences from the medium in which he worked for several years.

After being questioned about one of these rumors, the actor revealed that for a long time he has been aware that “in this environment they can be judged at all times and that human beings by nature tend to make judgments”

He himself pointed out that “he was a judge at some point, however, it was a life process that took him 16 years to handle”

So he is not at all bothered by the versions that circulate around him as well as his supposed way of being.

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In the same way, he added that he never felt the need to speak it since he is aware that people have their right to express their opinion or think in a certain way, “to make any kind of judgment towards him, for which he is grateful” He commented on a video that he shared on his YouTube channel.