By now all the tennis players have understood that the break in the circuit will be longer than they expected, perhaps so much so that they do not even have the option to compete again in 2020. As the days pass and we are assimilating this reality, the players are sharing his human thinking about the pandemic and contributing his activities of confinement to go over weeks. In an interview with the magazine Fashion, Bianca Andreescu It offers a point of view that borders on the philosophical, while listing which hobbies are helping you to better endure the distance with tennis.

“It is difficult to be away from what you love but, with what is happening in the world right now, any situation from now on is beyond our control. Why is this happening? When will it end? What else can we do as citizens? ”Asks the Canadian throughout the text. “Many times I tell myself that we are really in a movie, but no, unfortunately it is not. This is real life and it is very difficult to see some people who do not take warnings and social distancing seriously. It is in our hands to act with strength and unity, using knowledge and security for all, ”says the current No. 6 in the world.

At 19 years old, Andreescu not only demonstrates that he has the talent to win Grand Slams, he also has it to show his maturity before such an unknown panorama. “We can use this time to be with our families, form connections that perhaps did not exist before, or strengthen our habitual relationships, creating new memories. This is the perfect time to explore things we have never done before, who knows, maybe we will find a new passion or hobby for the future. We can also work on ourselves. For example, I have started a personal development program which is already starting to change my life for the better ”, says the one from Ontario.

And what does Bianca do in the moments that she previously used for tennis? “I’m reading a lot, especially books of personal development, those that deal with aspects of life. Of course, I also love series from Netflix and HBO, I am currently following Ozark, Narcos, Euphoria and Friends. I usually get hooked on any type of documentary, especially before I go to bed, ”says the last champion of the US Open. But without a doubt, the great revelation comes when Andreescu uncovers his recent connection to music.

“Even I have started to make music, working on rhythms with an aroma of R&B, rap and hip-hop, which makes sense because those are my favorite genres, what I listen to the most. I have also started playing the guitar again, something I had not done for four years, when I started my most serious training in tennis. Due to my schedules and my travels, it was impossible for me to continue practicing, but now I am slowly deoxidizing, it is incredible to see that I still know how to do it. Now I just need to make an account on TikTok ”, he laughs.

A long time away from tennis still looms ahead, but a different horizon for all human beings also looms. At least, that’s how the player understands it. “I really believe that there is a spiritual meaning behind all this, a deep and underlying reason. As we reflect, it is a good time to remember three vital ones. The first thing is that we are all the same as humans, regardless of our race, culture, gender, religion or occupation. Here the disease does not distinguish, does not discriminate, it is time for us to understand it at once. Second, nothing should ever be taken for granted in terms of HealthWe must be grateful every day for the good health we have and continue supporting all those who make it possible. And finally, emphasize that we are all connected, something that affects one person ends up affecting us all, in one way or another. ”