Beyond the mystery, true storytelling today needs to integrate variety

Using resources such as conflict, mystery and resolution has been part of storytelling since its inception; According to National Geographic sources, this activity began more than 30,000 years ago, through cave painting which was a form of human communication within caves and on stones.

Going back to today, the trend in marketing also includes the term versatility. The unknown is fascinating. The stories manage to capture the attention of the audience by making them wait and think about what will happen?

It has been discovered that people who read a book or watch a movie can feel a real connection and even feel that they are the protagonist of the story. According to the authors Lisa Libby and Geoff Kaufman of the book “Changing beliefs and behavior through experience talking”, they argue that to the extent that the public has the feeling of empathy that, colloquially, it is said – to stand in the shoes – of a character, they experience specific emotions and motivations.

This leads us to think that we have all “stung” with certain content, from TV programs, streaming series, video games, following companies, influencers or experts on various social networks and suddenly “interest is lost” in passing days or weeks.

An excellent example is the case of the Farmville video game, developed by the Zynga company in collaboration with the Facebook distribution. In 2019, Farmville was a global hit that at the time achieved the subscription of 83.3 million monthly participants; In 2010, these players were excited and motivated to shop digitally with the goal of leveling up, generating more than $ 36 million in revenue for the company.

By the end of 2012, people lost interest in this video game and the company’s shares fell 80%. It has been documented that the new games they launched were not really new and that, coupled with the growing competition from video games and digital platforms, caused that loyalty on the part of customers was abandoned in a few years.

The challenge for all content generators, creators of marketing, communication and public relations campaigns is not to forget how important it is to keep innovating constantly; Avoid being predictable at all costs. Consumers will always be characterized by being hungry for novelties and surprises.

Achieving infinite variability is challenging, but it is the key to giving businesses greater opportunities to capture the attention and retention of current and potential customers.

In conclusion, it is ideal for brands to offer and transmit in a clear and original way gratification rewards from feeling a valuable part of a community, whether physical, hybrid or completely virtual, to offering economic and material incentives, through prizes, promotions or discounts that make the consumer feel challenged and motivated in an environment of perseverance and innovation.