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Beyond Meat continues to expand and unveiled two new versions of vegan burgers

After their cooperation with McDonald’s to promote vegan burgers in the US market, come other creations from Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat, the renowned marketer of alternative meat products, launched two new vegan burgers.

After your alliance with McDonald’s to promote the McPlant in the United States, made with plants, new creations arrive.

They are two versions of the Beyond Burger, which offer fewer calories and less saturated fat than their meat equivalents. They are made from vegetables, with B vitamins and minerals comparable to that of beef.

Beyond Meat: healthier food, but always delicious

The two presentations are juicier than their predecessors, according to Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown.

« I am delighted to present these new versions, which speaks clearly of what our brand and company stands for, » he said. « Our commitment is to provide consumers with absolutely delicious plant-based meats. »

« Consumers will now have more options to meet their individual nutritional needs and preferences, » stressed.

On sale since 2021

It will be available throughout the United States from 2021. However, in Los Angeles, the birthplace of Beyond Meat, it will be on trial between November 18 and 20.

Beyond Meat not only sells hamburgers, but has specialized in other products, such as hot dogs, healthy breakfast food and “meat balls”, all based on vegetables.

The company also came to Pizza Hut, offering a version of vegetarian pizza that has the support of comic actor Kevin Hart.

Other sports and entertainment figures who sponsor Beyond Meat include NBA star Chris Paul; Panamanian model Jordana Brewster and rapper Snoop Dogg.