Bewilderment, humor and outrage at the possibility that the tweeter Miss Puri is a man

This Monday, Twitter has recovered the video of the 2015 Bitácoras Awards ceremony moment in which the blogger Señorita Puri won the award for Tuiter @ of the Year. But, curiously, users have not commented on it for the achievement itself, but for the person who collected the award: Sergio Azcona, a man saying that he came “on behalf” of her.

Miss Puri has a blog where she captures her vision of the world as woman and mother, as she has always repeated, work that led to Twitter where she expanded her presence on the internet much more.

It’s me, just like that. A mother, a cashier, a friend, a slave … a servant“Miss Puri replied in an interview. However, that’s something that now the tweeters criticize Because, from the video of the awards ceremony, many have understood that it is actually him.

How did you feel when you heard the name of your blog, your Twitter?“Asked the interviewer from the Blog Awards.”I have known Puri for many years and have lived with her all. And it has made me very excited, “he replied.

Sergio Azcona, better known as Sacha Azcona, is he youth fiction writer who picked up the award “on behalf” of the tweeter, but users have thrown the file and, after recovering this video, have shown their outrage at their feminist lessons as a mother in her three books and on her Twitter.

In fact, tweeters have recovered some of their messages, such as one in which he made jokes with the image of Rocío Carrasco crying in your documentary, or another in which you directly he questioned if Rociíto had told his story of abuse after having charged thus.

After beginning to discuss the true identity of Miss puri, the tweeter (or tweeter) responded by assuring that this man It was a friend who replaced her because that day they were operating on her son. However, now his Twitter account has disappeared, so it could be that he has manually deactivated it in the face of such controversy.

Some users have highlighted that you are not and will not be the only user hiding behind a fake name and avatar (The photo is of the girl protagonist of Little Miss Sunshine), but the vast majority have shown their surprise at this possible revelation.

Some have thrown humor, with memes and jokes about the unexpected identity of the tweeter, and others have related this situation to others famous movie characterizations as Mrs. Doubtfire. There are also those who have used the famous scene of Yolanda Ramos in Paquita Salas in which he says “Well, I’m going to tell you. The friend is me“to compare him to this man who” represents “Miss Puri.