beware of fake FFP2 masks

The coronavirus is changing many things around the world, the ‘old’ normalcy has been replaced by a completely renewed one. Full of new habits, most of which have had to adapt quickly and not always with the approval of the people. One of the preventive measures applied in much of the planet is the use of masks. This has allowed its manufacturers to increase sales numbers considerably. Of course, ‘piracy’ could not be left behind, so now we must be alert against the invasion of fake FFP2 masks.

Why use these masks?

Before the pandemic, these products were exclusively aimed at the healthcare workers market. Its effectiveness in protecting these personnel against viruses and bacteria, to which they are frequently exposed due to their daily work, is not in dispute.

With the increase in cases of Covid-19, they quickly became the most sought after masks, mainly the KN 95 model. Among other things, because they have shown a rate of up to 95% success in blocking aerosols expelled by people when talking or coughing. It must be remembered that this is the route considered by most specialists as the main cause of infection.

Unfortunately, every time a crisis occurs, many unscrupulous people only worry about getting money at any cost. To avoid being victims of these deceptions, we must take into account the following important tips to keep in mind when purchasing these face shields.Non-approved masks

How to recognize Fake FFP2 masks

In addition to acquiring them in reliable establishments, to recognize the FFP2 masks you just have to carefully review the packaging before proceeding to purchase. The first thing to identify is if it is a single-use product or if it is reusable.. In the case of the first case, they will include the initials NR (not reusable); otherwise only the letter R will be read (reusable).

It must explicitly clarify that it is a product approved by the European Union, according to the 2016/425 directive, together with the EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard. Finally, it will be necessary include the name of the company responsible for the manufacture of the protector, together with the CE Mark. Immediately followed by four figures that identify the body that supervised and approved the production process.

Protection and common sense

Most of the population still has a way to go without the vaccine. Where preventive measures will be the only weapons available to reduce the number of infections. Wash hands with soap and water frequently, avoid agglomerations, especially in closed spaces. The same as maintaining a distance of at least 1.50 meters between people.

It is also necessary to use the masks correctly. Must cover from chin to nose. In this way, we will achieve effective protection against the virus. Let’s not forget, in addition to this, keep a safe distance from other people and wash their hands with hydroalcoholic gel frequently.