Beware, fake news: masks or masks don’t work, Stanford University quotes

Recently a false information which indicated that the The use of masks or face masks were of no use to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This information was also supported by an alleged endorsement from Stanford University.

The issue is that it is misleading information that puts people’s health at risk, especially when saying that it is endorsed by a prestigious university. But what was the initial source?

What the “study” says

According to the information collected in WCVB, This alleged study was published on April 19 and is headed: “Results of a Stanford study: masks are inefficient in blocking transmission of Covid-19 and can cause deterioration of health and premature death.”

It was published on a conservative portal, and it was shared on Facebook about 28 thousand times, according to the analytical data collected.

His actor, Baruch Vainshelboim, is listed as an affiliate of Stanford University. However, several spokespersons for the university revealed that Vainshelboim has no affiliation with the institution.

They also confirmed that this writing is not endorsed by the institution, and rather than study, is presented as a hypothesis.

stanford universitystanford universityUniversity spokespersons said that the author of that publication had nothing to do with said university. Photo: Shutterstock

The use of masks does prevent contagion

It should be noted that all experts agree that the use of the mask is vital to prevent the direct contagion of Covid-19.

It should be noted that this type of virus is transmitted through the air. This is why it is important to cover yourself when sneezing or coughing. Even when a person speaks, he can expel small droplets possibly containing the virus.

It is true that there are different types of masks that are used according to the activity that is carried out. In fact, one of the latest recommendations made by the WHO is that homemade masks should have at least 3 layers of fabric.

Something that Vainshelboim stated in his writing is that masks limit oxygen and raise the levels of carbon dioxide in the body.

In fact, medical masks are designed so that air can pass through them so they can breathe comfortably and wear them throughout the day. There is no evidence that masks can cause harm.

Correct use of masks

The masks should cover both the mouth and the nose. It is recommended that the mask is not so tight, but not that it is too loose. Surgical ones should only be used once, while homemade ones should be washed frequently.

On the other hand, those who have received the vaccine should still use the mask, since, although they generate antibodies to fight the Coronavirus, they could be source of contagion.

In addition to the mask, you have to follow the usual precautions: wash your hands and keep your distance; and in cases of feeling symptoms, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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