Between drinks and pacts Belinda and Christian Nodal celebrate months

Between drinks and pacts Belinda and Christian Nodal celebrate months | Instagram

A series of videos where the voice of the singer, Belinda gave away the special moment she lived with her partner Christian nodal With whom she recently celebrated her happy eight months of courtship and everything was captured in a series of videos.

In the middle of a trip to Spain, candles, and laughter, Belinda and the regional singer raised their glasses to toast to add another month to their relationship, a moment that they could not miss and it was a series of videos that captured the great moment that the couple lived.

Throughout the first recordings, the faces of both are not seen with the naked eye, only the scarce light of some candles shines around them, apparently, the romantic duet had some glasses on top, so they assure, it would be the reason that only his voice is heard more, particularly that of the current coach of “La Voz Kids“.

In the midst of the great moment they live today, they decided to make a series of recordings for their fans where they also address various issues about their relationship, such as the controversial “wedding date” issue, as well as the affectionate message that the author of ” Goodbye Love “he dedicates to his beloved.

Thank you for the best eight months of my life … I love you with all my being @BelindaPop, it reads in the dedication of the singer-songwriter while two glasses collide toasting his love.

However, these revelations were preceded by some moments of laughter and comments from the actress of the Netflix series “Welcome to Eden”, which is why Belinda and Nodal have spent a few months in Barcelona while the “star of the music”.

Apparently, the idea of ​​being alone by candlelight would come from the Mexican regional to whom Belinda refers in one of the moments, the gloomy atmosphere causes fear, “How scary, all because of your spells! Sonoran, who appears in a moment at the end in front of the camera.

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The pact of love?

Belinda and Christian Nodal who began their courtship in August 2020 during the edition of La Voz 2020, have given much to talk about after the beginning of their romance, which has become one of the most popular in social networks, where in Every moment they give what to talk about with each of their publications.

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Particularly the “belifans” and loyal followers of both who dedicated emotional messages for their recent celebration that honors eight months of relationship, so the couple decided to make a pact that “they will never separate.”

However, what would cause a strong controversy was the reaction of “Beli” and Nodal since at the insistence of the comments that questioned when would the wedding be “the couple questioned if among the users” there was a priest who could marry them in alive”.

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“I already want to get married”

It should be remembered that in recent days, the 22-year-old singer, Christian Nodal, placed his relationship with the interpreter of “Dopamina” on the target of controversy after declaring that he was ready to take the next step in their relationship.

The famous for songs like “From the kisses that I gave you”, “A drunkard is born”, “They did not tell you badly” among many others, in addition to successful collaborations, would supposedly declare his intentions to marry the artist soon, who also shares roots Mexican.

I do want to get married now, but I don’t know if I’m going to make it out alive this year. I do not know if the zombies or the aliens arrive first, said the Sonoran who recently released a new single with the group “Los Plebes”, to whom he has expressed his admiration.

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The Mexican interpreter Christián Jesús González Nodal, finally confessed that the idea of ​​taking the next step in their relationship has already been raised, however, there are some things that prevent it, and one of them is the “health crisis” and he does not know that more could come within the next few months after surviving a pandemic.