‘The Batman’ is one of the most anticipated films in all that Warner Bros. is preparing with the characters from the DC comics. It has already been promised that Matt Reeves and the studio seek to introduce a fully narrative of Gotham City stories. That is why the new vehicle has to give something to talk about, so who will play Commissioner Gordon Jeffrey Wright spoke of the batmobile.

The new Dark Knight movie has undergone many changes since it was announced, the most notable being that it was originally thought that Ben Affleck was to direct, write and star in the feature film., but for various personal factors of the actor this was not so.

When Affleck left the role of the Dark Knight, the studio hired director Matt Reeves to be writer and director of the new Batman movie. Everyone was impressed when Reeves chose Robert Pattinson as his protagonist, and has said many times that his version of Batman in this movie will be one that has never been seen before.

For now, production is on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, earlier in the year Matt Reeves first revealed several elements of the film, including a video of the baggage suit and several photos of his new and epic Batmobile. And thanks to that Jeffrey Wright spoke of the Batmobile to The Hollywood Reporter’s portal, fans can know what to expect when they see the new version of the Batman vehicle.

“I read the script for the Batmobile and thought, ‘Yeah, that’s it.’ Bruce Wayne created the toughest muscle car you can imagine, but it’s based on Gotham. It’s based on America,” said Wright.

Source: Warner Bros.

At the moment the details of the plot about the film are still very scarce, but it seems that the film will take advantage of several classic Gotham villains, and it is a fact that it will focus on the young Bruce Wayne and his early years as the best detective of the city. For now, ‘The Batman’ has a release date for next October 1, 2021.