Better Call Saul will make us see Breaking Bad in a different way

⁰Better Call Saul is working on his last season, and his protagonist revealed that this installment will change the way we see Breaking Bad.

Although Breaking Bad was an outright success, its Better Call Saul spin-off was not far behind. The series managed to garner high-level episodes and a huge number of viewers who are eager to see the sixth and final season of fiction. While waiting for the release of the new episodes, its protagonist, Bob Odenkirk, revealed some shocking details.

In early March, Bob Odenkirk announced that both he and the Better Call Saul crew were ready to begin filming for the sixth and final season. So far, the AMC transmission chain did not reveal what the premiere date of the new installment will be. Therefore, fans will have to wait a long time to see the return of Saul Goodman.

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From another perspective

But while Better Call Saul fans look forward to, and a little sad, the end of the series. Bob Odenkirk took the opportunity to advance some information that he is learning with the passage of filming. According to the actor, the sixth and final season of fiction will violently change the way fans have viewed the original series, Breaking Bad.

The actor has confessed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he still does not know everything that will happen in this final season of Better Call Saul, but that co-creator Peter Gould has told him the following: “Peter Gould He has said that when we finish Better Call Saul, we are all going to see Breaking Bad in a different way. I do not know what it means. I don’t have anything specific beyond that, except that he knows everything that happens throughout this season and I don’t, but I think there are more great things ahead that will comment on or build on what happened in Breakind Bad in a way. surprising”.

The new episodes of the sixth season are expected to arrive sometime in 2022.