Betrayal ?, former host of the Hoy program returns to TV Azteca

Betrayal ?, Former host of the Hoy Program returns to TV Azteca | Instagram

Betrayal? It has been announced that a beloved former driver of the Hoy Program would end up turning his back on Televisa to become the host of the new show Aztec TV which will become the Warriors competition.

It was in the competition of the Hoy Program, Venga La Alegría, that it was revealed that Mauricio Mancera It would be the face that would lead El Cazatesoros, the new Azteca reality show that seeks to be a direct competition for Guerreros 2021.

They detailed that more details about this project would be given later; However, they stressed that it is a fact that Mauricio Mancera would be the host of the new television program.

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Mancera attracted the attention of many after he acquired enormous popularity in Venga La Alegría, a program in which he was for many years, until he decided to leave it to fulfill his dream of traveling to Africa, on his return and later, the young man surprised by appearing as a host on Televisa, in the Hoy Program.

Mauricio Mancera was also the host of El Hormiguero in Azteca and after leaving Hoy, he joined the cast of Members Al Aire with some of the morning companions, El Burro Van Rankin, Paul Stanley and Raúl Araiza.

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Through his social networks, the beloved television presenter revealed that for the first time he was fired from a television program, in Members on Air, but it was not a surprise at all.

The young man accepted to have suspected that very soon he would leave the Unicable program when he observed that they did not renew his contract, something that they had already done with his other colleagues; finally, he and Eduardo Santamarina left to make way for José Eduardo Derbez and Yordi Rosado.

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After this situation, Mau was questioned about whether he would return to TV Azteca, something that he did not rule out; and he even made a appearance at Venga La Alegría and shared that he would probably be a guest host very soon.

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Mauricio Mancera was part of the original cast of the popular morning Azteca that is currently hosted by Laura G, Cynthia Rodríguez, Sergio Sepúlveda, El Capi Pérez and more.

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