Beti Onak defends his leadership against Peña Azagresa

06/24/2021 at 8:00 PM CEST

Next Friday at 8:00 p.m. the match of the final day of the Second Phase of the Third Division will be played, in which we will see the Peña Azagresa and to Onak in the Miguel Sola.

The Peña Azagresa optimistically comes the match after defeating the Corellano in the Municipal Ombatillo by 5-6, with so many of Ignacio Manero, Jorge Manzanares, Imas, Edu Manero, Hernandez Sola Y Dani. In addition, the locals have won in four of the nine games played so far and have managed to score 39 goals in favor and 51 against.

On the visitors’ side, the Beti Onak had to settle for a 1-1 draw against the Baztan during his last game, so he comes to the game with the illusion of recovering points that were left behind. Of the nine games he has played in this season of the Second Phase of the Third Division, the Beti Onak He has won seven of them with a figure of 53 goals for and 33 against.

Regarding the results as a venue, the Peña Azagresa has won twice and been defeated twice in four games played so far, indicative that the Beti Onak you may have a chance to get a positive score in this match. In the role of visitor, the Beti Onak has a balance of four victories in four games played, so he will be a tough rival for the Peña Azagresa, who will have to do everything in his power to defend the field advantage.

Likewise, the visiting team is on a roll in their trips in this competition, since they have won three games in a row at the stadium of the Peña Azagresa. The last match between the Peña Azagresa and the Onak This tournament was played in November 2019 and concluded with a 1-1 draw.

Analyzing their position in the qualifying table of the Second Phase of the Third Division, we see that both teams are separated by 10 points in favor of the Beti Onak. The team of Rafael Bericat Orta He comes into the game in fifth position and with 37 points before the game. For his part, Beti Onak He is the current leader of the Second Phase of the Third Division and has accumulated a total of 47 points so far.

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