Beyond familiar day-to-day sounds, you can also download audio to use as resources in games, videos, etc. For example, the sound of a bus or any animal you want that you can download for free on your computer in one of the many free libraries,

Although the interface is not the most comfortable nor the most attractive, the web will be very useful if you are looking for the best websites to download sounds from movies or video games. It is available in Spanish and a search will be enough to have what you want. There are categories or you will see what is the most downloaded but it is a somewhat chaotic page so we recommend that you use the search engine if you are thinking of something in particular. You will have sounds from iPhone notifications, for example, or from Mario Bros that you can download and use for whatever you want.

As its name suggests, Geek Tones allows us download sounds of anything come to mind. For example, children’s songs, cartoons or video games, and television. Among the available categories we find advertisements, geek songs, children’s songs, bullshit, cartoons, disco, sound effects, all-time hits, hymns, TV and cinema, people, video games … You just have to choose the category you want or simply go to the search engine. Once you have found the one you like, you can reproduce it to know how it sounds before downloading or you will even see a description. When you have decided, you can download it to your computer or your mobile with direct download.


Like other of the best websites to download sounds, Big Sound Bank does not have the most comfortable and pleasant interface but you will find all kinds of free and free sounds so you can use them in shorts or creations you make without any problem. On the main page you will only find the title, a brief description (in English) and the duration of the sound. The one you think interests you will only have to give “Details and downloads” to play it and download it to your computer. Another interesting option is that each sound has a series of sounds that can be related and maybe you want to use it. The web leaves a lot to be desired but if you are looking to download audios, it can help you.

Big sound bank - Webs to download sounds

SSHHTT! Is a bank of free sounds, with free audios and voices designed for presentations, videos, etc. The website is quite comfortable to find what you are looking for and is divided into categories such as cartoons, onomatopoeias, humor, television and cinema … Once you have selected the category you will see a list of available audios. You can listen to them before downloading and you will see the title, the player, the space they occupy in Mb and their duration, but also an evaluation of the users in ranking format.

It is one of the best websites to download sounds from movies and video games and you will find from the 20th Century Fox intro to Mario Bros sounds, Homer Simpson laughter or the mythical Benny Hill song. It also has a search engine in case you need or want something specific.

Sshht - Best websites to download sounds

One of the best websites to download movie sounds is this, Movie Sounds. Undoubtedly, one of the most complete and most interesting in which you will find practically any movie title, whatever the theme, from cartoons to horror classics. In addition, another of its advantages is that it is comfortable and with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. You will simply have to go to the menu on the left and choose between the categories (comedy, Disney, action, war, Kung Fu, terror …) Once you have chosen the category, you will see all the available movies and the number of sounds available in each of them. Tap on the movie you want and you will see all the audios and the available pages.

Every sound is labeled so you know what it is about, you will see the exact phrase or similar to the one it refers to and you can press play to listen to it as many times as you want before finally downloading it. You will also see the duration and a rating by users. Here you can find from Aladdin audios to sounds of The Good, the Ugly and the Bad. You can also use the web search engine to find the exact phrase but keep in mind that it is in English and you must write it exactly as it is pronounced or said in that language.

Movies sounds - Best websites to download sounds

Freesound is one of the best sites to download free sounds, from movies or videogames or much more concrete and unique sounds that are perfect if you are working on a video either professionally or recreationally. It has a huge catalog although the website is in English and you can filter according to what you need. Although it is not in our language, there are many sounds in Spanish so you will not have any problem, you will only have to spend a good time looking for what fits what you want. All the sounds are free, although you should pay attention and check that you have a creative commons license.

It is one of thes best audio repositories And you will find practically everything you can imagine, from ambient sound on a Galician bus to effects for video games, fights or blows. You just have to find the theme. Of course, they are not original sounds from movies and video games although in many cases the recreations will serve you, such as that of a fight with a laser sword or that of any famous fight on television.


Midiworld is another of the best websites to download sounds from movies or video games, completely free audios for you to use personally in videos or in your day-to-day life or that you even put as a ringtone. Is one of the most complete in As far as video game sounds are concerned, you will find classics like the Bomberman 64, the Mario Party or the Goldeneye 007. It is a comfortable, useful website and full of options but with two drawbacks: the first is that you will not be able to listen to the audios before downloading them. The second drawback is that the categories are too global and the filters are not always sufficient.

But the catalog is very complete and you can not only find video game sounds, also sounds from movies, television or even pop, rock, punk songs, etc. A highly recommended option and you just have to touch the audio you want to start downloading quickly on your computer. As for the catalog, one of the best and most complete on this list.


Zedge is one of the most complete applications for your mobile phone, whether you are looking for ringtones as wallpapers or wallpapers. But it is also one of the best websites to download sounds from movies, video games, songs. Although it is an option designed through the application for iOS and Android, the website also allows you to download some files … For example, you will find the Game of Thrones intro and a button to download it will suffice.

The web is not especially comfortable or practical (yes the application) but you can use the search engine to find what you want. Simply write, for example, “Star Wars” and the available titles will appear as audio and also the wallpapers. You can listen to R2D2 effects or you can listen to Chewbacca. If you like one, all you have to do is tap “Download” so that the file starts downloading. If you are going to use them on your mobile or tablet, from the website you can download the application and here you will find well-organized categories and filters to find what you want. You can also bookmark etc.


Melofania is a website where you can download all kinds of music. It is not a page focused on sounds or audios from movies and video games, but is intended to search for music groups and use those sounds as Ringtones or for videos, creations for personal use, etc. These are songs and popular groups among which you can search for the one you like or browse the different categories until you find something that fits what you want or need.

Melofania - Best websites to download sounds

Here you will not find one of the best websites for download songs from movies or video games but you do have a lot of public domain effects sounds that you can use for whatever you want. Sounds of sports, cities, nature, cars, fights … Just choose the category you want and you can download them to your computer and then add it to creations of all kinds such as videos, songs, etc. They are free and it is one of the most extensive catalogs.

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