Thanks to the internet, we have witnessed – for a long time – the ingenuity and imagination of many Internet users, who boldly and with a lot of audiovisual material in between manage to make us smile and laugh. In response, we decided to make a list of the best video memes that would be strong candidates for an Oscar.

Hamster dancing with a bottle

To the beat of « Better Off Alone » by Alice Deejay or « Play Hard » by David Guetta Ft. Ne-Yo, Akon, this little hamster has stolen the hearts of the internet, because he does not stop dancing if he is not accompanied by his bottle of plastic.

Rat on top of a flip flop with music from Titanic

Although back in 1998, James Cameron’s Titanic claimed a total of 14 nominations, resulting in 11 gold statuettes won, perhaps this little mouse also deserves an award. And more for recreating the famous scene of the wooden table between Jack and Rose.

Cholas de Chalco with Spanish Latin dubbing

As a parody of that television report on Las Cholas de Chalco, this version with Spanish-Latin dub circulates on the internet. Without a doubt, the « translation » will remind us of the documentaries on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic.

Concert with gummy bears

Edible flavored gummy bears starred in a video where several of these figurines gathered to witness « a concert of What in«. Actually, there are several versions of this material, but nothing better than enjoying it with a song by the emblematic band led by Freddie Mercury.

Shooting Stars

One of the most famous memes on the internet has been the Shooting Star Meme, which has given way to a series of compilations where home recordings are accompanied by a catchy background song and where its protagonists experience an intergalactic journey through the cosmos.

Whiplash: Duckling playing the drum

In Whiplash: Music and Obsession (2014) a scene takes place where Terence Fletcher (J. K. Simmons) conducts rehearsals for the Orchestra of the East Coast Conservatory of Music whose member is Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller). But what better than taking a bit of drama out of that sequence and welcoming a duckling who plays the drum.

Super Mario Bros. Remix

And if concerts with gummy bears or the Whiplash duckling were not enough, there are also a few remixes set to music with the famous theme of Super Mario Bros.

Musical beats and screams

And with regard to remixes, nothing better than a compilation of beats and screams with the best musical themes.

Ricardo Milos

Ricardo Milos, that guy who danced with a red bandana also became an internet sensation, who in the following video makes unimaginable crossovers with characters from It, Frozen, Harry Potter and more.


While this T-Rex doesn’t belong to the Jurassic Park franchise, that hasn’t stopped him from stealing the internet’s attention with his fun public appearances.

Oscar memes

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