Best smart lamps, bulbs and panels for teleworking (2021)

Work remotely with the best lighting thanks to these smart devices sold on Amazon.

The number of employees who work remotely, that is, who telecommute, has increased dramatically in the last year. If you are one of them, you should know what you need at home a good smart lighting equipment to get the necessary light at all times, especially when the sun goes down. If you don’t have it yet, in this guide we recommend the best smart bulbs, lamps and panels that you can buy on Amazon.

Good lighting is key to working comfortably and, above all, not to strain your eyes too much. These smart bulbs, lamps and panels give you that necessary light, as well as advanced functions such as wireless charging for your smartphone. Let’s know its main characteristics.

It is advisable to have a good smart lighting equipment for teleworking.

Better smart bulbs, lamps and panels


This lamp for your desk has, first of all, a discreet and elegant design that will adapt to the aesthetics of your work room. It offers you up to 25 lighting options, It has 5 lighting modes and 5 brightness levels that can be combined with each other. It also has 30 or 60 minute timer so that it turns off automatically when you go to sleep.

We also like this A3A ACADGQ lamp that it serves as charger for your mobileboth via USB cable and wirelessly, giving you the option of charging multiple devices simultaneously. In short, a very complete lamp that emits light not harmful to your sight, and what you can buy in Amazon for 29.99 euros as a launch price.

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F&Y lamp

This beautiful F&Y lamp features a circular control panel on top from which you can control all its operation. From that area you can turn the lamp on and off, switch between the 3 available brightness levels and modify the color (yellow, red, blue, etc.) to create a specific atmosphere in the room.

It is a portable lamp, which you can charge by USB and what can reach up to 25 hours of autonomy with the lower brightness. Also, at the bottom has a grip so you can transport it comfortably. Without a doubt, a great option to illuminate your room, available for only 18.99 euros in Amazon.

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Another good lamp for teleworking is this one from LAOPAO, which will hardly take up space on your desk. When using it, you can choose between 3 lighting modes (warm, neutral, blue) to protect your eyesight depending on the reading conditions. It not only fulfills the role of a lamp, it also works as holder for mobile phone, clock, calendar and thermometer thanks to the integrated LED screen, and that you can control with the four built-in buttons.

This model also allows you to adjust the brightness and temperature of the light, in addition to placing the lamp in the ideal position thanks to its 180 degree turn. Last but not least, this device also doubles as mobile charger, both wired and wireless, giving you the opportunity to charge two devices at the same time. Do you wonder about its price? 35 euros in Amazon.

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Amailtom LED panels

This Amailtom LED panel is also a good option to illuminate your teleworking room, which comes in a pack of 6 units that you can unite your way to create the design more spectacular. Comes with a remote control that allows you to control its operation remotely, choosing from the 13 available colors, the slow change mode, fast change mode, adjusting the brightness, setting a timer for automatic shutdown or simply choosing the black and white mode.

These curious LED panels work by USB cable, and come with adhesive pads for easy installation. By the way, have touch control, so you just have to tap on them to turn them on or off.

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RGB TVLIVE LED bulbs (2 pack)

Smart bulbs are dramatically increasing in popularity. One of the most successful are these from TVLIVE, which arrive in a pack of 2 units and have a 10W power. If you download the Smart Life app on your smartphone, you will be able to control these bulbs with total comfort, even when you are away from home.

Also, you can create an automatic on and off schedule for these smart bulbs, with the possibility also to adjust the temperature and lighting of each one of them from 1% to 100%. They are colored bulbs, so you can choose from 16 million different shades to give your room another atmosphere. Finally, they are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control them with your voice. This pack of 2 units is on sale at Amazon for 23.99 euros.

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Xiaomi 1S Bulb

Xiaomi also has its own smart bulbs, like this 1S model that has everything you need. First of all, it has 16 million colors and one adjustable temperature between 1700K and 6500K. If you connect it to your mobile, you can configure the settings from there to create the desired environment.

This smart bulb does not lack the compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit, so you can control it from other smart devices in your home. If you have several bulbs of these characteristics at home, you can control their operation individually or together for greater ease. This Xiaomi 1S bulb is for sale on Amazon for 26.99 euros.

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