Best Netflix series like Who Killed Sara?

If you are impatient to reveal the murderer, these are our best recommendations.

It might appear that the truculence of a murderAlthough we are already cured of fright, it is not an ingredient, a priori, too striking for the public. However the success of the true crime, those documentaries that address the figure of a real murderer, and the police series is seeing the resurgence of a genre for which we have you prepared several surprises.

Who Killed Sara? It is one of the series of this beginning of 2021.

The mystery behind a crime, the police work, both the real one and the one that those fictions that elevate us to agents and estates, or the psychological profiles well-defined characters on the small screen are part of our recommendations, You can also take a look at this list that we recently offered you, and that will make you stick to the sofa.

Series similar to Who Killed Sara ?, the best alternatives

If you are willing or willing to travel to Victorian london, in Los Irregulares, to pass pure terror with Marianne or discover the story of a real killer At The Confession Killer, here’s the list for this article.

The Irregulars Behind Their Eyes Equinox Forest Within Ratched The Curse of Bly Manor The Confession Killer Marianne

The Irregulars

The first of our recommendations will take us to a London primitive, perhaps a somewhat exaggerated term, where a group of youngsters, among which is a girl with extraordinary powers, will be hired by a certain John watson to resolve mysterious crimes and unravel why the city is undergoing an invasion of monsters and thugs.

Year: 2021 Seasons: 1 Chapters: 8 Average duration: 50 minutes

Behind your eyes

The story of a young secretary who meets a guy in a bar and the next day it turns out to be his new boss it is as obvious as it is interesting from a point of view criminal, since what begins as a story of jealousy and lovers, ends up becoming a almost fantastic plot, I will not tell you more so as not to ruin your surprise, which ends up reaching a unexpected ending.

Year: 2021 Seasons: 1 Chapters: 6 Average duration: 50 minutes


Trying to emulate the surprising success of Dark, also available on Netflix and from which we have offered you some recommendations, this series offers us the story of Astrid, whose sister and companions they disappeared 21 years ago, and that he is suffering a series of visions that could unveil what happened at that time.

Year: 2020Seasons: 1Chapters: 6Average duration: 40 minutes

Forest inside

We scroll up Poland, in this series full of crimes and mystery, to know what happened in a Summer Camp 25 years ago, where He disappeared the sister of the prosecutor, who is now facing a crime where a body could hide the key to know what happened decades ago and, most importantly, to find out if your sister is still alive.

Year: 2020Seasons: 1Chapters: 6Average duration: 50 minutes


They say that any series or movie starring the amazing Sarah paulson It is a guaranteed success and we can guarantee it, at least, with the series we have in hand. We will be able to know in depth a mysterious nurse, called Mildred Ratched, which will guide us inside a Psychiatric Center and to the disturbed minds, both sick and medical staff.

Year: 2020Seasons: 1Chapters: 8Average duration: 60 minutes

The curse of Bly Manor

Created as one anthological series, with The Curse of Hill House as the first season, this time we will have to reveal the secret that enclose the walls of a gigantic residence on the England of the late twentieth century, when a young american, who has moved there trying to forget his dark past, decide to be the kangaroo of a couple of adorable children.

Year: 2020Seasons: 1Chapters: 9Average duration: 60 minutes

The Confession Killer

We put the touch of ** true crime ** necessary, since this list of recommendations goes to murders and victims, and we bring you the dark history from Henry lee lucas, an American man, who from the moment he is arrested begins to confess hundreds of crimes to resolve. The series will show us the evidences behind your file and what consequences there were, both for Lucas himself and for the families of the victims.

Year: 2019Seasons: 1Chapters: 5Average duration: 45 minutes


If you like horror stories, I think Marianne is one of the few examples you can find on the red platform. If you want be scared, we challenge you to face the life of a famous horror story writer, which will return to your hometown to discover that some secrets And the past is better left buried

Year: 2019Seasons: 1Chapters: 8Average duration: 40 minutes

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