Best Halloween Gift Ideas for Adults 2021 – Grown-up Halloween Gifts


We’ve all got that one friend who’s way too obsessed with Halloween (hi, me, I’m friend). From decking the halls with Halloween decor to going balls to the wall on multiple Halloween costumes, it’s safe to say your pal lives for ~ spooky szn ~. And if this year you’ve found yourself wanting to spoil your October-obsessed loved one with a lil gift, then you’ve come to the right place, because I’ve got a ton of Halloween gift ideas for your adult pal (who’s , honestly, probably over all those G-rated cartoon ghosts and black cats).

Whether they’re a horror movie junkie or just someone who wants cute Halloween-themed stuff that’s actually chic and — dare I say — grown-up, here’s a list of 15 cool Halloween gifts that’ll spoil ’em rotten. I’m talking presents like a gorgeous glass decanter with a skull inside, a creepy (adult!) Coloring book, and even a bouquet of dead dried flowers. Promise ya you’ll find something that’s just right for them. No tricks here, just treats.

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this dried bouquet

The Logan Urban Stems

$ 90.00

She may be dry, but she’s pretty. Plus, this lil bouquet will last much longer than a fresh bunch of flowers.


this liquor decanter

Glass Skull Liquor Decanter Pottery Barn

$ 59.00

Sleek, chic, and at least a little bit creepy. This decanter is perfect for serving drinks at a Halloween get-together.


this creepy kitty

Kisa candle


A cute cat candle that melts down to reveal a creep metal skeleton inside? SOLD.


this stunning tarot deck

Diverse Tarot Deck PrettySpiritsCo

$ 54.00

Got a pal who loves to read tarot? This gorgeous deck, featuring a diverse cast of characters, is totally worth adding to their collection.


these wine labels

Halloween Apothecary Labels iCustomWine

$ 10.00

These Halloween-themed wine labels are wicked cool. Bonus points if you show up at their door with these stuck on a few of their favorite wine bottles.


this blood-red candle

Renaissance Josephine Luxury Candle Harlem Candle Co.

$ 45.00

Up the spooky vibez with this gorgeous, blood-red candle.


this GORE-geous coloring book

The Beauty of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book

We all know the beauty of decompressing with an adult coloring book. Now here’s a Halloween-themed one to match the season.


this thrilling novel

They’ll Never Catch Us Jessica Goodman

One hundred percent, your giftee is gonna love having a murder mystery novel to dive into this season. And this one by Jessica Goodman is seriously way too good to ever put down.


these lil decorative dishes

Anatomy Dishes artaltered

$ 10.74

Whether it’s for holding their keys on the entryway table or their everyday jewelry on their dresser, these little anatomy dishes are super cute and def on-theme for Halloween.


this galaxy light projector

BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0

If your giftee is throwing a Halloween banger, get ’em this galaxy light projector for the party. Trust me, the vibes will be immaculate with this one.


this funny candle

“Boo You Whore” Halloween Candle PerfectMatchShop

$ 5.50

They’ll good a good giggle out of this Mean Girls quote slapped on a cute, little candle.


this gleaming hand soap holder

Golden Skull Gentle Foaming Soap Holder Bath & Body Works

$ 24.95

If they can’t get enough of Bath and Body Works’ handsoaps, treat them to this cool hand soap bottle holder so that even their bathroom is spooktastic.


this scary board game

Horrified: Universal Monsters Strategy Board Game

A horror movie-themed board game that’s fun for the whole family (ages 10 and up)? Donate. Added to cart.


Some fancy candy

The Best of Sugarfina Bundle Sugarfina

$ 50.00

Candy bars and packets of fruit chews are cool and all, but if you wanna treat your loved one to something a lil more elevated, go with some Sugarfina goodies.


this streaming stick

Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Device

No matter where they are or where they go, make sure they can still binge all their favorite scary movies with this streaming stick.

Kim Duong Shopping Editor Kim Duong is the shopping editor at Cosmopolitan, covering cute things that are actually worth your hard-earned $$$.

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