Although Canva is one of the best known, it is not the only one. What does Canva allow? Make collages, cards, labels, posters, resumes … It works through templates that you can personalize with your own photos, icons, letters, colors. You can add whatever you want and the vast majority of options are free, although there are also paid ones that you will have to unlock. paying the premium version. Even so, it is not the only one and there are many recommended alternative options.

Adobe has its own service to make graphics and designs for social networks, texts, invitations or infographics. It is specially designed to succeed on Instagram and other social networks without knowing anything about design but looking professional. It has its own templates that you can customize and allows us not only to take photographs but also to upload videos, customize them, etc.

Also has a premium version if you want to pay and they will offer you more templates. But, in general, Adobe Spark Post has all kinds of designs differentiated by theme according to exactly what you are looking for: travel, food, crafts … You only have to fill in the gaps, resize and export the final image.

Another of the best options for making infographics and one of the best alternatives to Canva is Piktochart, which allows you to use all kinds of templates to add titles, photos, graphics, designs. You can move what you want, change colors, use different fonts, etc. Like Canva, it is a free option with quite a few templates available But it allows you to unlock more for professional use for a price that starts at $ 24 a month and that will allow you more options.

Beyond infographics, like the other one, you can create posters, flyers, etc.. The templates are designed for different designs and you can bet on the one you want according to the content you are looking to create. It is one of the best options and you will not have to download anything because you can access it through its website.

Create infographics with Piktochart

PicMonkey also works for free with customizable templates although with payment plans from € 10.99 to € 42 for the professional plan. It is one of the most complete and has an application but also web version to create all kinds of designs, with templates, fonts, graphics, effects, textures. Allows you to modify practically everything until you get a final effect that matches what you are looking for. Of course, to be able to test it you have to be registered in the application.

Make infographics with PicMonkey

Desygner is another of the best alternatives to Canva, an online graphic designer with all kinds of templates available. You can register for free to try all the available options, although it also has a premium mode that allows you to take full advantage of all the templates. It is comfortable and you can add images, text and all kinds of figures, shapes and designs. It allows you, for example, to use the search engine to find the type of design you are looking for: you can say “curriculum”, for example. AND find free templates. Once you have finished the design, you can export them in PDF, PNG, JPEG as you need. It is online, it is free and it is one of the best alternatives.

Desygner - alternatives to Canva

Crello has more than 25,000 themed templates And it has the advantage that you can not only make original designs but also have all kinds of animations and animated objects to achieve an original and different effect for social networks like Instagram. It is one of the best and most interesting alternatives to Canva thanks to the huge number of templates that offers. Like the others, you will have to register, although you can do it with Facebook or Google.

Once you have it you can choose the format of the templates as you need: social networks, promotion, office. Web, personal, video … In each section you will find specific designs: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, online marketing, ads or anything else you need. Just choose the exact format and you will find the templates: you will see that there are free and other paid options and in each one you can add photos, videos, animations, objects, background, text.

Crello - alternatives to Canva

Fotor allows you to collage, create designs or edit photos. You can use it in the online version or with a mobile application and it has all kinds of templates from which you can choose. Like the others, it has categories: ticket, resume, Facebook cover, Twitter cover, mobile wallpaper, logos, planner for the week, diplomas. It is one of the most complete As for types of design and you can use it for free. The operation is similar to the others: you choose the type of templates, you choose the exact design you want and you start to customize. You can add your own photographs, change the background, change the colors or change the texts that are included in the infographic or design. You can find what you need and you can register with premium option in case you want more customization.

Fotor collage

To make infographics, is one of the best alternatives to Canva that allows us to achieve a striking design. It is specially designed for infographics but you can use it for whatever you want, adding your own graphics and photos, changing colors, changing the background … It has many possibilities and is free, although has a Pro version It has a price of 4 dollars a month and offers us some more functions, unlocking more templates and more design options: texts, letters, icons, colors …

EasyLy - alternatives to Canva

If you register, Visme offers you the possibility of having access to over 900 different slides that you can use for your work, your studies, etc. It is free although it has paid versions for 12 or 20 dollars a month if you want to unlock professional options. You can use graphic, map, document, invitation, menu, certificate, brochure templates … Once you have chosen the template you can use and edit it. It is one of the best alternatives to Canva although somewhat more complex than some of the above but also more complete and useful.

Visme - alternatives to Canva