With this, Nintendo ends the family of portable consoles that have been so successful in sales. The original DS family is the second best-selling console series in history, with 154 million units. The family 3DS, meanwhile, has sold 75.77 million units.

Nintendo 3DS says goodbye after a decade

With the launch of Switch, you had the best of both worlds, with a very powerful console for a laptop, and with the possibility of using it as a desktop console. Nintendo stated that it would continue to support Nintendo 3DS for a few years, but it finally seems like that has come to an end, and the company is going to focus on a single console for the first time in decades, as it has always had an ecosystem of desktop and portable consoles since 1989 when they launched the first Game Boy.

With Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has managed to combine what users of portable and desktop consoles demand, so it is logical that the previous portable consoles disappear.

Nintendo closed the digital stores for Wii U and 3DS last July, so the next step was to officially stop manufacturing the consoles. Wii U stopped being manufactured on January 31, 2017, and now it’s up to 3DS, despite the fact that the latest console 2DS was launched on the market just three years ago, in 2017. On the official Nintendo website, in the New 3DS LL, New 2DS LL and 2DS sections there is now a note that says «Nintendo 3DS family consoles are no longer in production. »

On the Spanish website the section of the Nintendo 3DS family continues to appear, but in others like the American one, the family of consoles that was born in 2010. Its beginning was quite complicated, where Nintendo had to cut its price to make it more competitive, and little by little it was gaining sales as the games arrived, of which 384 million units were sold.

Therefore, it is logical that Nintendo focuses all its efforts on Switch, a portable console with a solid catalog and that is much more powerful than 3DS, being in the end a natural successor to them. 3DS sales have fallen 73% in Nintendo’s last fiscal year, in favor of Nintendo Switch whose sales are constantly growing; especially after the launch of Switch Lite.

Citra, the best Nintendo 3DS emulator

Luckily, all is not lost if you want to play 3DS titles. Many of them are not available for the Switch, so the only option we currently have is to use emulators for Nintendo 3DS. The most advanced emulator for this console is undoubtedly Citra, which is available for both PC and Android. Of course, the emulator is under development and still has stability problems.