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If you have humidity problems in your house or you live in an area with a very humid climate and you want to improve the environment, these dehumidifiers can collect humidity from the environment and are not expensive.

Humidity is good, in good measure. If you live in a house where the humidity is very high because the walls are not well sealed or because you live above an open place where the cold passes, you will know that fighting against that humidity that can end in mold on the walls is a continuous battle.

There is really nothing like a well-sealed home, but as this is an expensive solution and requires construction, your best alternative is a dehumidifier.

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Dehumidifiers can also be used when you have to dry clothes in a room and due to the temperature or the amount of humidity it takes many hours to dry. You also run the danger that water collects on the floor and walls.

These are some of the best dehumidifiers you can buy this year, also at very popular prices and that can help you win the battle to that unpleasant feeling of humid environment inside your home.

Cecotec BigDry 2000 Light

This dehumidifier Cecotec BigDry 2000 Light It is a product designed for a normal size room, not as much as large rooms as living rooms or lounges. Ideally rooms of up to 20 m2.

It has a dehumidifying power up to 300 ml per day. The 600 ml tank is removable so you can leave it running for up to 48 hours.

It has a consumption of 23 W and it does not make as much noise as it might seem, so you could use it during naps and at night in bedrooms.

Without a doubt, the best thing is the price. This dehumidifier costs less than 40 euros in the Cecotec online store. Shipping costs are free and it is also delivered from its warehouses in Spain.

Auzkin dehumidifier

This dehumidifier Auzkin DH-CS01 it is a more compact model that you can use in small rooms. Its design makes a big difference, with a visible 1-liter tank so you can know precisely how much moisture it recovers during the day.

It can be installed in closets, rooms or use it while you sleep. It has a power of 40 W.

Get the Auzkin dehumidifier for € 49 on Amazon

In theory it could be installed in rooms between 5 to 15 m2, so if you want it could be connected in a living room or living room.

Is very cheap. On Amazon it has dropped in price to less than 50 euros. Shipping is totally free, sent and managed by Amazon itself and if you sign up for Prime, you have priority delivery.

Cecotec BigDry 5000 Advance

If you have to get rid of humidity in a very large room or open spaces, there is no other option than to opt for an almost professional dehumidifier, capable of capturing a lot of humidity from the environment at high speed.

East Cecotec BigDry 5000 Advance it is a machine designed for those great places. It has a 2.2-liter tank and is capable of dehumidifying up to 12 liters per day.

It has two speeds to adjust it to each room. Its LED screen will indicate the temperature and the percentage of humidity found in the environment.

Small dehumidifier for rooms up to 50 m2 and capable of dehumidifying up to 12 liters per day.

In the Cecotec store in Spain it is available for a limited time for less than 130 euros. Shipping is totally free and it also has fast shipping from Spain.

If you prefer to buy it on Amazon, it also costs less than 130 euros and shipping is free, although you will have to sign up for Prime to have it quickly at home.

Trotec personal dehumidifier

Another option among dehumidifiers that work best in small areas such as bedrooms is the compact dehumidifier from Trotec. It is much smaller and with a design that is easier to integrate into any environment.

You can use it in all types of rooms, even put it in a closet to eliminate that feeling of wet clothes or in a cupboard so that the food does not end up spoiling.

Get the Trotec 0.7l dehumidifier for € 44.95

Its tank has a capacity of 700 ml, but it is capable of recovering up to 300 ml per day.

It can be obtained for less than 45 euros on Amazon with free shipping and shipped by the same company from Germany.

12L ProBreeze Dehumidifier

Another large capacity dehumidifier for large environments and that really have serious problems with humidity that right now is at a good price is this 12 liter ProBreeze dehumidifier.

It is very efficient and can remove up to 12 liters of water per day from the environment of a home, office or even larger places such as garages, kitchens or even businesses.

Get the ProBreez 12-liter dehumidifier for € 149

It has an LED display at the top with information and functions. For example, the button that allows you to program it to work at a specific time, an indication of the amount of humidity in the environment, the operating mode (auto or continuous) or fan speed, among others.

It is available on Amazon for less than 150 euros, a price that may seem high, but with a great power to eliminate moisture, up to 12 liters, it can end up being your salvation.

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