Best Buy Mexico pronounces on conglomerations in its stores

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 3/12/2020 3:02 pm

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As you will surely be aware of, the Best buy they will close their doors in Mexico. In this way, it recently began a large sale of all its products. Although all these sales are also available to buy online, hundreds of people decided to attend physical stores, this despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the huge number of attendees in these places, Best Buy will close the stores ahead of time and issued the following message.

A few moments ago, the official Best Buy Mexico account on Twitter published a statement in which it reports that stores will close their doors before regular hoursThis is due to the large number of people who attended the settlement. This was what was commented:

“Dear customers,

For Best Buy Mexico the most important thing is your safety and health, that is why due to today’s high influx, we have decided to close our physical stores before regular hours.

Later we will proceed with the total settlement sales. We will keep you informed”.

In this way, it seems that it will still be possible to buy online. However, several users have reported that the Best Buy site is not working properly. It is best to wait for the servers to return to normal and avoid going outside at this time.


Via: Best Buy México

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