On many occasions we must delete different types of files from our device, the reasons can be many. But if we want to recover them? That’s what they are for the best app programs to recover deleted data or files from your mobile.

Either by mistake or because you thought it was not going to be useful, you decided to delete a photograph, video, even an SMS or WhatsApp messages. It does not really matter the reason, the important thing is that with the following applications you can recover deleted data or files from mobile without much trouble.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a root user to be able to use these applications and you won’t be missing out on any recovery option because you aren’t. So let’s see this extensive list full of options.

Software to recover lost data from mobile devices

Therefore, we are going to see a complete list of programs that can help us to recover any kind of data that we have deleted by accident. Regardless of the file format.

Dr.fone – Recovery, Transfer and Backup

In the case of dr. Fone allows us to recover SMS, photos, videos, calls and contacts that were deleted from our mobile. One of the best apps that you can find in the Play Store to recover deleted files or data.

The app works regardless of whether or not your device was rooted. There are many users who recommend it and who have left very good opinions in the comments of the Google store.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

Considered one of the best freemium apps From the market. Stella Phoenix Data Recovery will allow us to recover all the photos that were accidentally deleted from the internal memory and SD card of your mobile device. It will allow us to see a preview of what we want to recover to save it on our device.


With Recuva we can recover different files that we have permanently deleted, works on both mobile devices and computers. The application is even available in a portable version for Windows.

With it, we can recover all the information that we have deleted as long as it has not been rewritten. The program is freemium, this means that you find many free functions and other paid ones.

However, with the free version you can recover deleted data or files from your mobile without any kind of problem. It is very easy to use.

recover deleted files on Android


DiskDigger is a simple app that allows us to recover photos and images that we have lost or deleted. Best of all, you don’t need to root your device to get it done.

In terms of results, we can say that it is an app that complies perfectly and is capable of recovering all the files that you deleted. It is worth a try and is quite simple to use.

Dumpster recycle bin

In Dumpster’s case it works like a recycle bin. You will not be able to recover the files that you deleted before installing it. However, it is a good alternative to have it installed, since in this way we can recover deleted files quickly.

The app also allows us recover WhatsApp messages, so it is quite complete. You can use Dumpster’s cloud storage service to store files and thus free up space on your mobile device.

Photo Recovery

With Photo Recovery you can recover all the photos that were deleted or that are hidden on your device. It’s totally free and you don’t have to have your device rooted for it to work. It even allows us an advanced browsing method with file preview.

EaseUs Mobisaver

EaseUs Mobisaver is an easy to use app and one of the best we can find for Android devices. It has a simple interface and very clear options for recover deleted data or files from mobile.

You can recover from documents, phone contacts, to WhatsApp messages, among other things. With this app you can analyze the internal memory of your device and find different files that were apparently deleted forever.

Undeleter: deleting files

Undeleter allows us to analyze in depth our internal storage and memory card in search of image files and all kinds of data from SMS, contacts, records, WhatsApp messages, etc.

Best of all, it works on all devices, no matter if it is rooted or not. At the same time, it has an interesting option to analyze the application cache in image searches. You can recover these images or delete them to free up space.

In case you want to permanently delete files so they cannot be recovered in any way. It has the option to “Destroy” for this.

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