Best apps to make diagrams on your iPhone or iPad

The best way to organize a task, whether for work or leisure, is to make a simplified scheme. Fortunately, we don’t have to resort to complex online schemes, we can simply download an app to make diagrams and summaries on your iPhone or iPad.

schematics and mind maps appMaking an outline can help us in many situations

Whether it is to organize a trip, plan a project or develop an idea, an app of diagrams or mind maps can help us to shorten deadlines and organize ourselves properly. We have collected the best apps For this task.

Top 8 apps to create diagrams

The apps to make diagrams or mind maps They are very popular, and we have a great variety for you to find the one you like the most.

Mind Maps – MindMeister

One of the best apps to make diagrams, we have a version for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. One of its main functions is that it allows us share mind maps and schematics with friends or co-workers to collaborate with them in real time. The schemes will be synchronized online with your account.

SimpleMind – Mind Maps

Mind maps help us organize ideas, remember information and generate new ideas, and this app has a very careful design to achieve this. This app to make diagrams is characterized by be very intuitive and it syncs with your devices using iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive.

Ayoa: Visual Task Management

Ayoa is a tool that goes beyond schemes and mind maps, although it is one of its star functions. It is intended for visual work management, which helps people and teams around the world to be more productive and creative.

MindNode – Mind Map

A very easy to use app with a very nice design and beware, one of the best on the list in this regard. It has an app for iPhone, iPad and Mac and it will help us organize our ideas in diagrams and mind maps.

iThoughts (mindmap)

A tool to create mind maps from the iPad, iPhone, Mac and it also has an app to make diagrams in Windows, so it boasts of maximum compatibility. This app to make diagrams will allow you to visually organize thoughts, ideas and other information.

Mindly (Mind Maps)

“Mindly helps organize your inner universe”. The design of this app to make diagrams and mind maps transmits calm and tranquility, something essential in this type of task. It has many functions and you can export your outline in PDF.


miMind is a app to organize your thoughts, design diagrams and share them with your friends and co-workers. The app includes dozens of different designs that you can use for your schemes.

XMind: Mind Map

The good thing about this last app is that it also works to make diagrams on the computer. That is, you can make mind maps on your iPhone or iPad, but also you can continue the schemes on your Windows or Mac computer.

Surely with any of these apps you will better organize your life and work visually thanks to a defined scheme. It is not always easy to put everything in order, and these apps will help you do it.