Best applications to learn to dance salsa and other Latin dances

Download these apps and in no time you’ll be ready to take your first steps in the world of Latin salsa.

Do you want to learn to dance salsa? Do you dream of moving your hips to rhythm of true latin music? Then download this list of apps to learn to dance salsa and other Latin dances.

To dance is one of the more pleasant activities that human beings can practice, so much so, that it has been used to have fun and share with friends, to do low-impact exercises and even fight stress.

And although we know that there is no rule for Learn to danceIn previous days we have shown you apps to learn to dance bachata, hip hop and breakdance. But what about Latin music?

If you want learn to move your hips like a real Latino or you just want learn to dance genres like salsa, Meringue, tropical music, bolero, bossa nova and more …, these are your better options.

Best 7 apps to learn to dance hiphop and breakdance like a pro

These are the best applications to learn to dance salsa and other Latin dances

Learn Salsa Learn to Dance – Dance ClassesLose weight dancingLearn to dance step by stepSalsa Go – Learn How to DancePocket Salsa VideosFree Salsa Videos

It’s a pleasure for everyone learn to dance salsa and other Latin dances, since it is a set of Afro-Caribbean rhythms and movements merged with others American genres such as jazz and other styles that have defined music for years. If you are one of them, do not miss these apps to learn to dance salsa and other Latin dances as a professional.

Learn Salsa Learn to Dance – Dance Classes

Learn to dance salsa with basic and advanced steps

If you want to feel the rhythm and learn to dance salsa, this app is all you need. It has a fairly simple and minimalist interface and provides a series of categories where you can choose and at the same time view the videos.

Each video shows professionals taking steps for you to imitate from home, either in categories such as bachata, kizomba, sauce, belly dance, hip hop, Flemish, Meringue, cumbia, tango and other Latin dances.

Luckily you can watch the video tutorials as many times as necessary until achieving perfecting the steps, and best of all, is that the musical repertoire is made up of the most popular in the Latin music industry.

Lose weight dancing

Lose weight dancing to the rhythm of Latin music

An application to put the rhythm on your hips and lose weight

It is one of the best and most popular apps to learn to dance salsa and other dances combined with aerobics, STEP, Body Combat, GAP and at the same time contributes to lose weight.

Through lessons and dance classes in a short time you will be able to move your hips like a professional through intense training.

However, you must be in good health before starting with this platform, since most videos are intended not only for learn dance lessons, but also, you can lose a few pounds. The best of all is that if you achieve create a daily routine, the guarantee of getting a fitness body and learn to dance salsa and other Latin rhythms it is almost certain.

Learn to dance step by step

Learn to dance step by step

A platform that shows you different dance styles to learn to dance step by step

Is application available for Android is one of the best options you can turn to if your intention is learn to dance salsa, bolero, bachatahip hop dance cumbia, random dance, cha cha cha, zumba and much more.

It presents a series of videos with dance classes from the hand of real and very professional people, who show you step by step each movement according to the category. And if you wish, you can also download the video tutorials to watch them later and keep practicing.

And if your goal is learn to dance salsa and other Latin dances in no time, you can pay a membership with classes adapted according to your progress, whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Salsa Go – Learn How to Dance

Salsa Go - Learn How to Dance

Learn to dance salsa in various styles

Sauce Go is one of the pioneering apps in the teaching of salsa. It offers you intensive courses and includes a basic course with elementary steps to get started in this world.

Via dance patterns you will be able to master the movements as a professional, of course, you will receive instructor orientation and you can even find out about last steps, news, events and happenings surrounding this genre with amazing podcasts.

Pocket Salsa Videos

Although it is not a free application like the previous ones, for just $ 4.99 you can enjoy a amazing video compilation with instructors from Addicted2Salsa!

Also, unlike other apps, Pocket Salsa Videos not only shows you step by step the dances, but also shows you how to have that characteristic tumbao of Latinos in every movement. The app is so popular and good that it has been endorsed by New York Times and Canada’s AppCentralTV Show.

Learn Salsa

Learn Salsa

The best of Cuban salsa and modern styles of Latin music

Learn Salsa is emerging as one of the better options when learning to dance latin rhythms it is about. Its objective, as in other cases, is nothing more than to help you improve your movements and show you the basic and advanced principles of dances like salsa, Cuban sauce, Salsa On1, Salsa On 2, New York style or Los Angeles style.

Among its functions and videos it shows you how to dance as a couple and individually, full movements of the hips and with the “Key and tumbao” characteristic of a Latino. Also, if you like to go beyond the everyday, Learn Salsa he offers you bolder moves including stunts, falls and throws.

Finally, we hope that this compilation of 6 best apps to learn to dance salsa and other Latin rhythms They can teach you unique hip movements, tone your body and bring joy to your body. If you liked this article, take a look at these 6 good applications to learn to dance bachata with your mobile.

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