Best Afores in January for those born between 1975-1979

Do you know in which Afore you are registered and if the returns it gives you are the highest? Being aware of the administrator you joined is necessary and has many benefits, including being able to access a pension when your retirement time comes.

The Afores are in charge of managing the resources of Mexican workers who contribute to the IMSS and ISSSTE. If you did not join one, it is most likely that you have been assigned automatically

Now that you know what Afores are and why it is important to be in one that gives you the highest returns, we present the table updated to the month of January, for people who were born between 1975 and 1979, so that you can locate where position is in which you are registered and if necessary make the change of administrator.

Afore Performance compared December-January Profuturo from 6.31% to 5.89% (same position) Sura from 5.69% goes to 5.39% (goes up one position) Coppel from 5.78% goes to 5.35% (down one position) Citibanamex from 5.40% goes to 5.11% (increases two positions) Principal from 5.41% goes to 5.04% (same position) XXI Banorte from 5.43% goes to 5.03% (drops two positions) Pensionissste from 5.33% goes to 4.87% (same position ) Azteca from 5.20% goes to 4.78% (same position) Inbursa from 5.18% goes to 4.72% (same position) Invercap from 4.06% goes to 3.69% (same position)

The three Afores that gave the highest yield in January for those born between 1975 and 1979 are Profuturo, Sura and Coppel.

In your account statement, which your administrator must send you three times a year to your home or by email, you can check the returns offered by the Afores each month, locate which one you are in according to your age and analyze how the month was with month.

Another way to make your savings grow faster is by making voluntary contributions to your account, for the amount you decide. Although you will not be able to see the benefit immediately, you will when you receive your pension.

The person in charge of regulating the activities carried out by the Afores is the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (Consar) and in general recommends that you take three things into account before choosing an Afore:

That the returns it gives you are high. How much commission does it charge you? The services it offers you.

If you have any questions with your Afore where you are registered, you can communicate by phone or visit the official sites:

AFORE TELEPHONES OFFICIAL SITE Profuturo 01 800 715 5555 Inbursa 01 800 909 0000 Pensionissste 01 800 400 2000 Coppel 01 800 226 7735 XXI Banorte 0155 2000 1994 Sura 0144 3310 8192 Invercap 01 800 522 2367 Banamex 01 800 282 3673 Principal 01 800 277 4624 .mx

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