Best 8 Netflix and HBO sci-fi series

If you enjoy alternative worlds, we have eight must-have series for you.

The universe of T.V. series it is so wide, that we have recommendations for all tastes, for example you can take a look at our list of series similar to Sense8. The Science fiction, which is the genre that we are going to discuss in this article, offers us the possibility of to explore, often, so diverse genres like drama, horror or comedy, although from a new perspective, giving the work a certain different air, something that the viewer often appreciates.

Counterpart is one of the must-have sci-fi series on HBO.

What we will offer you next goes from apocalyptic worlds that show us an invasion of vampires, passing by extreme weather that have decimated the majority of the population, to situations where the technology It has served so that the human being knows the worst that we can offer, although there are also rays of hope.

Choose a new sci-fi adventure from our list

If you’ve decided to give a extreme future, as is the case presented in Snowpiercer, or do you want to know what it is like to face a real pandemic, at The Strain, come to our recommendations.

If I hadn’t met youBlack MirrorWestworldOrphan BlackSnowpiercerLove, Death & RobotsCounterpartThe Strain

If I hadn’t met you

If you want one most intimate story, and tremendously unknown to the general public, but with some sober and excellent production, you should delve into the history of Eduard, a married man with two children, who overnight ends up in a tremendous pain for accident that he himself involuntarily provoked. A mysterious woman, who claims to be a retired scientist, shows him a way to to be able to mitigate the pain, entering a dangerous experiment.

Year: 2018 Seasons: 1 Episodes available: 10 Approximate duration: 50 minutes

Black mirror

Little can be said about this Serie television that has not been said so far. Simply, if you want to be put in the background, tell you that this series addresses the Science fiction, the technology and, ultimately, the future of the human being with a different perspective, with self-concluding chapters, and addressing topics Really interesting and that they allow us brood about our place on the planet.

Year: 2011 Seasons: 5 Episodes available: 23 Approximate duration: 60 minutes


The creator of the unforgettable novel Jurassic Park, Michael crichton, it was also the mind that built the world of Westworld and that now HBO offers us to the amazement of spectators and visitors. What do you think would happen if I told you that there is a theme park, giant in extension and with robots as inhabitants of the same, these being the first artificial intelligences able to act on their own? East dystopian world confronts us with technology, aware of its existence, and at the fear of the human being from be destroyed by machines, created by their own hands.

Year: 2016 Seasons: 3 Episodes available: 28 Approximate duration: 50 minutes

Orphan Black

The Science fiction and the thrillers are in luck, since they have, with this television series, with one of the riskiest and most interesting works of recent years, we will not reveal its secrets to you yet, since it tells us, at first, of a young what impersonate of a girl that just commit suicide on the platform of the train station, in front of him, and that turns out to be identical to her. Chaos, characters of the most transgressors and a story that deserves to be told in five seasons is what awaits you with this title of Science fiction.

Year: 2013 Seasons: 5 Episodes available: 50 Approximate duration: 40 minutes


Under the premise of being before a adaptation of a movie starring Chris Evans In 2013, Snowpiercer tells us about the consequences of climate change and how the humanity, in addition to the rest of the species, it has extinct, almost completely, and we only have those who travel aboard a gigantic train, which moves around the planet. When the people in the tail of the train choose to claim their place in the new civilization, a war by controlling the locomotive.

Year: 2020Seasons: 2Episodes available: 20Approximate duration: 45 minutes

Love, Death & Robots

It is difficult to define in a few lines what it means and what it is intended to convey with this creation, but it could summarize your argument in which we find a adult animation series, which seeks to awaken the viewer, get him out of the comfort of his seat and that he can enjoy with small audiovisual pieces, independent of each other, encompassing topics, especially, technological and what do they have to do with our own nature, being able to travel through apocalyptic worlds, murders, a curious move or the life of an old man and his landfill.

Year: 2019Seasons: 1Episodes available: 19Approximate duration: 15 minutes


What would you tell me if I offered you a cocktail as interesting as mixing intrigue of espionage, a unsolved murder, a unhappy employee and the connection between two realities, which allows certain people to visit a parallel universe? This and much more is what this television series offers the viewer, with the inclusion of one of the great figures of cinema in recent years, the essential JK Simmons, where our reality It was altered decades ago and only a few they will be able to sacrifice for the rest.

Year: 2018 Seasons: 2 Episodes available: 20 Approximate duration: 50 minutes

The Strain

Finally, since the matter of virus and pandemics has also become fashionable among viewers and producers, I want to recommend viewing this work, based on a novel from the filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, where humanity faces to one of your worst fears, vampiresbut, this time, not as a threat in distant castles in Transylvania, but as a virus that is gradually infecting the population, seeking the dominance of a race, which was believed mythological.

Year: 2014 Seasons: 4 Available Episodes: 46 Approximate Duration: 40 minutes

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