Best 8 applications similar to Gboard, the Google keyboard has alternatives on Google Play

If you are looking for an alternative to the Google keyboard, try these apps.

Think about it for a second. How much time throughout the day do you spend writing on your Android phone? Either writing emails, sending text messages / WhatsApp or commenting on publications on your friends’ social networks.

The truth is that if there is an important application on a phone that is the keyboard. Surely many of you use the Google keyboard, not in vain it is one of the best thanks to its precision and speed, although it is also possible that currently make use of one of the many alternatives to Gboard that exist in the Play Store.

The Google keyboard is one of the most popular apps in the Play Store

Because indeed, there are many alternatives to the Google keyboard and that although you may not believe it, they have nothing to envy to the latter.

The best alternatives to the Google keyboard

SwiftkeySimple KeyboardMinuumFleksyBlackBerry KeyboardTypeWiseChrooma KeyboardOpenBoard


SwiftKey is possibly and pardon the Gboard, the most popular keyboard that currently exists in the Play Store and is not for less.

Thanks to its powerful intelligent and automatic auto-correction system, SwiftKey becomes more precise and intelligent as it is used, since it learns from the user’s habits.

The best of all? Completely free.

Simple Keyboard

Simple Keyboard

Simple Keyboard for Android.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a keyboard without complications, that takes up little space and that only serves to type quickly, Simple Keyboard may be your best choice.

Its name already says it all and it is that we are surely facing the most “simple” and minimalist keyboard in the Play Store. And be careful, because despite its simplicity, the keyboard is really precise when using it.


Minuum Keyboard for Android

Minuum Keyboard, a small keyboard for people with big fingers.

Minuum is in the words of its developers, a small keyboard for people with big fingers which boasts of having (apparently) the most predictive motorcycle of all mobile keyboards.

The downside of this keyboard is that unlike other alternatives, this one is paid. More specifically 3.46 euros. Now, it is worth every penny it costs, we guarantee it.


If other keyboards go for customization or precision, Fleksy does it for his speed when typing and it is undoubtedly this is the main reason to bet on said keyboard.

The only keyboard with a Guinness Record and that also has private keyboard functions, gesture typing, multi-language support and many customization options.

BlackBerry Keyboard

BlackBerry Keyboard

The BlackBerry keyboard for Android

Before Android phones dominated the market, BlackBerry were not only the favorite handsets of entrepreneurs, if not also of a large part of the population.

Much of the popularity of BlackBerry phones was their physical keyboard So the company has wanted to copy this experience thanks to this app available in the Play Store.

Thus was born the BlackBerry Keyboard, an AOSP keyboard-based app, with interesting additions that promise to improve our productivity.



The TypeWise keyboard for Android has a somewhat unusual format.

The main feature of TypeWise? Well what promises reduce up to 80% of the mistakes we make when writing.

We dedicate an extensive article to him at the time, so if you want to know more about this interesting keyboard, we invite you to read it.

Chrooma Keyboard

We have selected Chrooma Keyboard as possibly one of the most customizable keyboard apps in the entire Play Store, since it not only allows you to modify the appearance of any component of the keyboard but also changes its color depending on the app with which it is being used.

To greater abundance, it also has prediction and autocorrection on par with the best keyboards, and it’s free.


Is about one of the few open-source keyboards that we can find in the Google application store, being a great alternative to more popular keyboards such as Gboard itself or SwiftKey.

It has advanced customization options, topics that change depending on the time of day, gesture writing and much more.

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