Best 8 applications for public speaking and giving speeches to download from Google Play

Do you suffer from stage fright? With these applications for Android you can surely overcome your fears of speaking in public.

Public speaking It is one of the things that most fill human beings with terror, but sometimes it is necessary to take the risk. If you are one of those people who panic every time they have to address a group to give a talk, workshop, class or conference, these applications are made for you.

To improve interpersonal communications, Google Play Store offers a series of apps that allow you mastering stage fright and speaking in public with confidence. It does not matter if it is an interview or a conference, with these tools you can practice in advance and be able to speak in public effectively.

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Applications for public speaking and giving speeches for Android

Orai for public speaking, presentations and speechesPromptSmart Pro Vocabulary Builder – Test Prep Word of the Day – TED Vocabulary BuilderPublic Speaking Simulator VRBeyond VR – Public Speaking VR Cardboard AppChiara

Orai for public speaking, presentations and speeches

Overcome your fear of public speaking with the help of Orai

Via Orai you will be able to exercise in the practice of speeches, exhibitions and become an expert in sales by using spontaneous words to perfect oral speech.

Orai offers classes to progressively improve the accent, pronunciation and clarity, through filling words, facial gestures, audio recordings and reproductions of what you want to expose.

It also has a script for review a speech, transcription of what was spoken, micro lessons and freedom to practice where and when you want. In short, you will be an expert practicing with Orai at least 3 times per week.

PromptSmart Pro

The main feature of PromptSmart Pro is that it has a smart app called teleprompter, widely used in television media, with which you will see the text that is going to be pronounced adapting in a synchronized way with the images presented.

In addition, it offers Voice Track (in English) to recognize the voice in real time, pause and start or stop naturally. Highly recommended for religious, news storytellers, group leaders, educators, politicians, youtubers, podcasters and managerial entrepreneurs. Best of all, it comes with a pointer, very useful for live exhibitions.

With this app you will be able to import texts from the cloud with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google drive or Box; has 3 minutes minimum in presentations in its free version; however, with the annual or monthly subscription it will be possible to record video or audio, view teleprompter text, have a remote control connection and have content in the cloud.

Vocabulary Builder: Exam Preparation

Exam preparation vocabulary builder

Vocabulary game to learn to speak in public

The Vocabulary Builder – Test prep or GRE vocabulary by Magoosh gives you the chance to know at least 1200 words for a GRE test. Have audio pronunciation, concepts and examples for each word, in turn includes several levels of vocabulary (advanced, intermediate or basic) and access to other vocabulary tests such as TOELF, SAT, IELTS, ACT and GMAT.

Thanks to its interactive game you can learn new words through reps until you master them and you will go leveling up. You also have a blog with study guides, reading comprehension, reasoning and problem solving and other recommendations that come in three virtual books totally free.

Word of the Day – Vocabulary Builder

Learn new words with Words of the Day, an app for Android

Learn new words with Words of the Day, an Android app

With Word of the Day – Vocabulary Builder you will be able to learn a word daily and be ready to submit quizzes like CAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT and GRE. With this app, you add important words every day, antonyms, synonyms, verbs, phrases and foreign lexicons.

New word content is updated after verification; It is easy to use, it teaches you to pronounce words correctly and the terms come from reliable sources such as WordBook, Oxford English Dictionary, Learners Dictionary and others for you to master spoken and written English. The monthly Premium subscription is priced at $ 1.99 and $ 9.99 yearly.


Expand your world and learn to give speeches with TED talks

Expand your world and learn to give speeches with TED talks

Excellent application that offers more than 2000 TED talks with content selected by theme and style that include science, technology and others. The talks or TEDtalk are provided by experts in various subjects and are subtitled in more than 100 languages, including the Spanish.

After downloading amazing and inspiring talks, you can listen to them offline anytime you want. On Android, this app has more than 1500 audios and videos which are updated frequently and the best, were recently included 20 languages.

Public Speaking Simulator VR

Public Speaking Simulator VR it is one of the best apps for public speaking and giving speeches that simulates a virtual room where you can address a fictitious audience and it will react according to your speech; the size of the audience can be adjusted to your liking, from 2 to 20 people or the ones you want and choose between hostile or friendly voices.

With practice, little by little you will overcome the fear of public speaking and perform reliably to deliver compelling talks. To use this app you must have Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, Galaxy Gear and the like.

Beyond VR – Public Speaking VR Cardboard App

Through interactive lessons and activities, this app teaches you techniques to address an audience safely and easily. Beyond VR through Cardboard offers a virtual audience so that you can rehearse your presentations to the point of exceeding anxieties and stage fright.

The app includes distractions with sound and movements of the audience as if it were an audience in real time, three-dimensional rooms with size to choose, spontaneous speeches (classic or hardcore) and eligible audience amount.

And in future updates, Beyond VR will offer public speaking courses, tips and more techniques, various scenarios, sounds like echo of your voice, among others.


With Chiara You will be able to participate by making presentations in virtual stages, observing the audience and analyzing their reactions to your speech. And as if that were not enough, at the end of your presentation, you will have feedback with a communication specialist, who will analyze your talk and provide ideas to perfect it.

The app study your speech and determine that you should improve such as, security, fluidity and reliability; has more than 200,000 feedback mixes that help you to improve oral communication aspects such as tone of voice, intensity, pauses, clarity, comments, among others.

With any of these applications for public speaking and giving speeches You will be able to acquire skills to have mastery when speaking in front of an audience, either by offering lectures, classes, interviews and even dominating the world of sales in a convincing way.

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