Bertín Osborne surprises Ayuso by releasing a phrase that many on the left think

Bertín Osborne, in the interview with Ayuso. (Photo: TELECINCO)

Telecinco will broadcast this Thursday one of the most anticipated programs of Mi casa en la tuya, in which Bertín Osborne will share an extensive talk with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

The chain has been shedding some touches of how that meeting will be, in which its advisor Miguel Ángel Rodríguez will also participate, and has surprised because Osborne raises some questions to the PP leader that any left-wing voter could sign.

One of the phrases that attracts the most attention is when the presenter tells Ayuso: “Hey, if I hear you speak now and I’m listening to Santi Abascal.”

The president of the Community of Madrid does not avoid the matter and replies with apparent normality: “I do things differently. I represent the different center right ”.

Osborne also asks him other juicy questions, although in the previews of Telecinco Ayuso’s answer is not heard. “Have you ever thought that the PP should be self-critical in some things? Because it cannot be that the Government has been wrong in everything, “he says. At another point, he asked him directly: “Do you consider Vox to be far-right?” And another very clear question: “When do they call you a façade, what do you think?”

The presenter and politics also talk about other more intimate things, such as her relationship with her parents or with her partners.

He also talks about his years at the Complutense University and Pablo Iglesias comes to light. The former leader of United We Can, now out of politics, was one of the center’s most prominent and recognized students, where he has also taught.

And here comes another surprise …

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