Latvian power forward Davis Bertans and the guard-forward, of Dominican origin Trevor Ariza, became the first two NBA players who have already communicated to their respective teams the Wizards of Washington and Trail Blazers of Portland that they will not be with them in Orlando to restart the league on July 30.

06/23/2020 at 09:50



Although the NBA declined to comment officially, the Wizards admitted that they « supported » the decision of Bertans, become the maximum candidate for the award of Greater Progress in the 2019-20 season, and will be a free agent at the conclusion of the competition. The Wizards are expected to keep him on the roster after being one of the key players in their attack.

Bertans, 27, who plays his first season with the Wizards, has an average of 15 points and 42 percent 3-point success. Although the Wizards have also begun to show interest in getting the transfer of the center DeMarcus Cousins, 29, keep Bertans, who arrived in 2016 at the San Antonio Spurs from Kirolbet Baskonia (Liga Endesa, Spain), is a priority for the team.

Bertans’ absence with the Wizards, who fight with the Orlando Magic for the eighth place in the Eastern Conference, does not mean any setback, if the season is restarted at the end, while ensuring that he does not suffer any type of injury that conditions his future. Bertans before coming to the NBA, he has already overcome two serious ligament injuries to his right knee (2013 and 2015) and has recognized that you don’t want to risk your professional future, something other professionals are also weighing before deciding this week if they will be in the Orlando competition.

As has been the case of Trevor Ariza, 34, owner of the Trail Blazers, who like the Wizards, but in the West, do not have the best options of reaching the eighth since it allows them to be in the playoff competition. In case of Ariza It is a family matter as you will need to visit your toddler on certain dates for a month.

Ariza He’s been involved in a custody case for his 12-year-old son, and the mother’s decision to grant a court-ordered one-month visitation period during the league’s team quarantine in Orlando made him choose his parental responsibilities. instead of competing with the Blazers in the 22-team restart.

The absence of the Walt Disney Resort « bubble » could cost Ariza Between one and two million dollars in salary, but the veteran player is guaranteed 12.8 million for next season. NBA players who choose not to restart the league have until Wednesday to inform teams of their decisions. Franchises must submit travel dates, including player rosters, before July 1.

Once a team signs a replacement player, the one who did not agree to be in Orlando can no longer be added to the roster if they want to compete later.

The Blazers are 29-37, one of three teams to 3.5 fewer than the Memphis Grizzlies, eighth seed in the Western Conference.

The teams will play eight qualifying matches in Orlando, and the team with the best record out of the top eight in each conference that manages to be four wins from that position will compete in a play-in tournament.

Portland is expected to be able to register two key players in the attack, such as the pivots. Zach collins and the Bosnian Jusuf Nurkic, who until now had been on leave while recovering from individual injuries that forced them to undergo surgery.

Ariza, 16 seasons in the NBA, who joined the Trail Blazers, traded by the Sacramento Kings, has played 21 games as a starter and has averaged 11 points; 4.8 rebounds and one steal of the ball.

The NBA previously said players would not be penalized for skipping the restart.

While he has followed through on his plans despite the recent surge in the Florida coronavirus and the concerns of some players, led by the Brooklyn Nets’ star base, Kyrie Irving, that basketball would distract his fight against racial injustice after the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police.