Berta Szpindler de Borensztein, widow of Tato Bores

This wednesday morning he died Berta Szpindler, the widow of the remembered comedian and stand-up comedian Mauricio Borensztein, popularly known as Tato Bores. The woman was 88 years old and, according to reports, her death occurred at 9:40 a.m.

Berta and Tato were married in 1954 and were together for 42 years until January 11, 1996, the day the comedian died. Together, they had three children: Marine (writer), Alexander (journalist) and Sebastian Borensztein (screenwriter).

They defined themselves as a very close family and described their children as « very good people. » « You saw that they tell you‘ I congratulate you, what talent your children ’. Yes, they are very talented, but what I like most about them is that they are very good people ”, said the humorist’s widow in the first note he gave in his life, in 202, six years after the death of Tato Bores.

Tato and Berta with their three children: Alejandro, Sebastián and Marina

The actor Oscar Martinez, who was married to Marina Borensztein, confirmed the news this Wednesday on radio Miter and remembered his former mother-in-law as an « unforgettable » woman. « I loved her very much ».

Owner of a low profile, in that first interview she gave, she explained why she had not spoken with the press before, even when she was with Tato. “When I saw the wives who gave notes, I didn’t understand much, because It seemed to me that I had nothing to say. It seems very good to me that people who have some weight in something make statements, if you are an artist, a painter, a politician. I felt that she was the lady of Tato Bores, just ”, indicated on Page 12. “It is the first time that I give a note, not even together with Tato I did. I did lend myself to take a photo, but nothing more ”.

Berta, with her daughter Marina

In that interview, the woman recalled how Berta emerged, the character her husband had created for his monologues. There, he assured that it had been an invention of Tato Bores at the time he was making television. « As he always spoke in the first person, that all things happened to him … and he had many interlocutors in those monologues, I was one, » he assured and clarified that he did not feel identified with the image that the comedian and the Screenwriters had made about the character. “If she was bossy …! We went to a meeting once and I remember someone saying « This is not Berta. » They believed that he had brought another woman, because they thought that I was like the character. Berta’s image would surely be with a bun, a kind of Germanic thing, ”Szpindler recalled.

His love story. In that interview, Berta also spoke about her love story with Tato and the difficulties at the beginning of their relationship due to the artistic profession of the humorist. “I met Enrique, Tato’s younger brother, one summer in Piriápolis. Look what a coincidence, we met the two of us and a woman who later was going to marry Tato’s older brother, Abraham. We were all going to be family. Enrique talked a lot about his brother, Tato was already known, it was the boy Igor. And one day, here in Buenos Aires, I wasn’t doing well and I went to the record store they had on Córdoba Street, and Enrique asked me if I didn’t want to work there. That’s how I met Tato. I was already in the Maipo, with the vedettes « , he counted.

Tato Bores died in January 1996

“This part that is coming is a well-known story,” he warned and continued: “at first they received him very well in my house, they wanted him, but when he went to ask for a hand, at that time that was common, my dad told him there was no problem as long as he left the theater. And Tato, who was so in love, would leave the theater, leave everything. And I, in a moment of lucidity, of those things that happen to you once in a while, I said « You don’t leave anything. » Because I thought that if this man did not get to do what he wanted, it would be because of him and not mine « , continuous.

Berta and Tato kept their relationship secret until her father found out. « Tell me when are you going to get married because I want to leave, » said the man who, according to Berta, « threatened » with going to live in Paraná.

“But this time, instead of listening to him, I told him that I was going to answer him. AND I flew to Maipo, it was a Saturday night and I told him « Tato, you have to get married ». At that time it was not easy to get married, but Sofía Bozán was there, who knew a judge, and the following wednesday we got married. And with the money that the Maipo and Abraham, my older brother-in-law, gave us, we rented a one-room apartment for six months. And that’s how we started ”, recalled the widow of Tato Bores.


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