Bernard Tomic, the ‘bad boy’ of tennis, confirms his relationship with Vanessa Sierra, the goddess of Onlyfans, biting his buttocks

Much has been said during the last hours of the relationship between the ‘broken toy’ of the tennis world, Bernard Tomic, and the goddess of Onlyfans Vanessa Sierra. And it has been the ‘bad boy’ of the rackets himself who has confirmed the romance by publishing a photo in which also appears biting the buttocks of the influencer …

Tomic is an Australian tennis player born in Germany and of Croatian descent, winner of the Junior Australian Open in 2008. He reached 27th place in the ATP rankings at the age of 19 and was one of the great promises of tennis, however he has been outside the top 50 since mid-2012. He is considered a broken toy in the racquet world and also a bad boy, as he was once suspended for misconduct and one of his sponsors broke up with him for unsportsmanlike reasons. Now, Tomic is in the news and not precisely for tennis reasons, but because he is dating the model Vanessa sierra.

This has been recognized on Instagram by both, both the model and the tennis player, who with that fiery photo that he has uploaded biting his girlfriend’s butt has revolutionized the networks. The one who is destroying her Onlyfans account is Vanessa Sierra, which sells its own photos and videos with sexual content without any kind of censorship.

Bernard Tomic himself uploaded a photo with the influencer, who has participated in several ‘reality shows’ and is well known both on Instagram, where he has two accounts and more than a million followers, and on Onlyfans, where he sweeps his content for adults. At 25, Vanessa Sierra takes advantage of her beauty to earn a living and is now on everyone’s lips for this adventure with the broken tennis toy.