Bernard Laporte again targeted by justice

The name of the president of the French Rugby Federation appears in a preliminary investigation for which he could have benefited from a fictitious job.

Bernard Laporte returns fairly regularly in the legal sections. Regarding the latest case, the president of the French Rugby Federation (FFR) may be judged as the victim of a family settlement. This is what the preliminary investigation will have to determine, that carried out by the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office, L’Equipe reported on Wednesday.

The former coach of the XV of France would have benefited from a fictitious job, up to 10,000 euros per month, according to conversations heard by Alex Faujanet within the company Espace Loisirs Concept (ELC), and reported to the authorities by his son , Julien. The status of Laporte would have been granted, in exchange for services rendered by him, by Marc Faujanet. The latter would have dismissed his brother Alex (it is necessary to follow) without compensation.

The Altrad controversy

Do Marc’s nephew and brother want revenge by reporting this story while involving Laporte? For justice to see more clearly. In the meantime, the champion of France (as a player) with Bègles in 1991 sees his image still scratched. Before being re-elected to the FFR, Bernard Laporte was involved in the Altrad case, to the point of knowing searches and police custody.

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