Bernard Giudicelli he is in a situation where he tries to make time play in his favor. While the restriction measures for the Covid-19 pandemic are easing in much of the world, there are other countries whose measures of social distancing remain severe. The only thing that the French president is clear at the moment is that when September arrives, the second Grand Slam of the year is going to be played without any doubt about it.

“I confirm that Roland Garros will be held”, were Bernard’s words to Gael Monfils in a live performance of the tennis player on Twitch. Previously, Giudicelli had already expressed the urgent need to safeguard the existence of the Parisian Grand Slam, even behind closed doors if necessary, but now he advocates a tournament with far fewer restrictions and the presence of the public in the stands.

“I bet on a Roland Garros with a maximum audience. To the hypothesis of playing door closed We are not very fond of him. “The president said it loud and clear, reiterating not only his wish, but his assurance that the Paris tournament will take place. Let us remember that, between extensions and restructuring on the calendar, it will not be until the second mid-September when we have a chance to see action on the Philippe Chatrier. The exact date is not yet known due to the intention of Masters 1000 as Rome or Madrid to sneak, too, into the calendar.

Despite all this, the conditions of a possible tournament dispute are questioned due to the indications of the French government. As Giudicelli admits, “let’s not forget that it is the government who decides. With the expansion of the Stadium and security measures we can clearly imagine a Roland Garros with a reduced caliber in order to protect both players and the public,” said Bernard.

In recent days, many tennis players have spoken out about the possibility of playing behind closed doors. Rafael Nadal He assured that, only in case the health measures are maintained and complied with and if there really is no risk for the tennis players, he would go to Paris without problems to dispute his preferred Grand Slam. Of course, he also admitted that the sensations of playing behind closed doors are not, by far, the same as that of playing a Grand Slam with total normality.

Nadal pronounces on the possibility of attending Roland Garros 2020

06/01/2020 09:06

The Spanish reveals in an interview for a French media his perception of the current situation and options to attend the Parisian Grand Slam.

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What will end up happening? Time is the only one that can tell us, but optimism seems to be creeping into the French Tennis Federation.