Berlin, Aug 14 . .- The German government, to lessen the effects of the pandemic on education, plans to ensure that teachers have work laptops and ensure that all students have cheap access to the internet.
The co-chair of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Saskia Esken, reported this Friday in an appearance before the media the results of an informal meeting that she held on Thursday with the Chancellor, the conservative Angela Merkel, focused on the digitization of education in times pandemic.
« I am very happy with the results, » said Esken, adding that what was discussed in this meeting, in which representatives of the parties of the grand coalition and also of the federated states were present, will be implemented in « the coming weeks and the next months ».
He explained that the closure of schools between March and July has shown the « potential » of education through digital media, but also the « many shortcomings » in the provision of centers and private homes, as well as in the skills of teaching staff.
According to German media that cite participants in the meeting coincidentally, all teachers must receive a work laptop and all students must have access to an internet connection that costs a maximum of 10 euros per month.
In addition, all schools in the country must have broadband access to the internet. The Ministry of Transport and Digital will allocate 500 million more to this issue than planned.
The participants in the meeting at the Chancellery also agreed on the need to avoid the general closures of schools as far as possible in this new course.
« There is unanimity around the common goal, to avoid complete and general closures of schools and nurseries, » the spokesman for the German Executive, Steffen Seibert, said on Twitter.
Schools have started to reopen in Germany, where the school year has already started in five federal states, while the number of new infected daily has been showing a clear upward trend for two weeks.
According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 1,449 new cases of coronavirus have been registered in Germany in the last 24 hours, the highest since May 1. This is the sixth day in 10 days with more than a thousand cases.