Berchelt overcomes the Covid and prepares war with Valdez

Juan Manuel Vazquez

La Jornada newspaper
Wednesday, January 13, 2021, p. a12

In November 2020, Miguel Berchelt spent terrible weeks ill with Covid 19. In addition to the anguish and physical discomfort, he suffered a period of convalescence where it was impossible for him to continue his training work; This is the greatest damage that he considers suffered with the virus and that he regrets most today. Especially when he prepares for the fight against Óscar Valdez on February 20, one of the most anticipated this year and that he anticipates joining the tradition of great explosive fights between Mexicans.

Berchelt exposes his World Boxing Council super featherweight championship to a former monarch who now works under the gaze of the successful trainer Eddy Reynoso, who is responsible for Saúl Canelo Álvarez’s career. The bet is double, to defeat a media fighter like Valdez and his prestigious corner.

I want to beat Óscar Valdez, of course, but also Eddy, who they say is the best coach today, says Berchelt; my opponent has never faced fighters of my level and it is possible that I can knock him out and break his jaw again.

The champion is not usually arrogant. But this time he had to overcome the handicap that the disease imposed. Regain health and strength. Not easy in the face of a virus whose consequences considerably weaken those who are infected.

I would have liked this fight to come in May, Berchelt acknowledges, but the opportunity arose that way and you have to take it as it comes. This will be the best bag of my career and in the midst of a pandemic, so I must face it in these conditions and I know that I can defeat it in a fight that will be a war.

This contest has waited for the opportunity to become a reality. It has been postponed for various reasons, the most recent due to the suspension of activities that caused the pandemic in the United States. The expectation is justified, as both fighters have shown courage and ambition in each fight. A crossing that seemed logical and that enshrines that tradition of shocking fights between Mexicans, with real milestones such as those starred by Erik Morales-Marco Antonio Barrera, Israel Vázquez-Rafael Márquez, Lupe Pintor-Carlos Zárate and Rubén Olivares-Chucho Castillo.

Those exhibitions are on the minds of fans in Mexico and the United States, Berchelt notes; there’s a great track record and people expect us to measure up. It is a tradition that when two Mexicans fight the blood heats up, everything is screaming. I am a boxer stylist, who thinks during combat, but I know that I am going to have to fight. This can only be called war.

The fight on the canvas involves another interesting confrontation, since in the corner of Berchelt is Alfredo Caballero, a coach who also disputes the position as one of the best in the country. Caballero and Reynoso are two chess players, not only are we going to fight with our bodies and intelligence on the canvas, our corners will too, concludes Berchelt.