Berchelt and Valdez, get set; they both pound the scale

From the Editorial Office

La Jornada newspaper
Saturday, February 20, 2021, p. a11

Miguel Alacrán Berchelt will expose the super featherweight belt of the World Boxing Council to Óscar Valdez, a mandatory challenger for the contest that, due to the level of rivalry between two Mexican champions, has been compared to that between Marco Antonio Barrera and Érik 21 years ago Terrible Morales, on the same stage in Las Vegas, where there have been 33 matches between tricolor.

The weigh-in ceremony was a brief procedure and without an audience, as will the function. Both Sonorans cleared the scale, Valdez just below the weight of the category, 130 pounds (58,967 kilograms), while Berchelt, his old friend and neighbor in Hermosillo, surpassed with greater sacrifice, because he is too tall for the division.

The presence of Alfredo Caballero at the weigh-in confirmed that the coach cleared the visa problems and will be at the Berchelt corner, while former Olympian Valdez will also have Eddy Reynoso, another of the best national trainers.

“I see a very interesting fight, Alacrán Berchelt has the advantage because he is a big 130 (pounds), Oscar is moving up from 126 pounds, it is complicated. The punch is on Berchelt’s side, but Óscar has the boards, the Olympic style, the corner, the mobility, side steps to be able to dodge those Alacrán bombings, ”the legendary Barrera told Espn.

Valdez can take a decision victory and maybe Berchelt by knockout, but it will be a war between Mexicans that I am already relishing, added the three-time world champion.

I think Berchelt has the advantage. I hope the two of you endure and make it through to the end well. I go Berchelt on points, said Morales, the first four-time champion in the history of Mexican boxing, the protagonist with Barrera in one of the best rivalries in the history of Mexican boxing.