Bentley will race last time at pikes peak

In 2019 Bentley participated for the first time in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and racing a Bentayga broke the record for the fastest SUV. The following year, with a Continental GT they broke the record for the fastest production vehicle, and now, in 2021, they will return for the last time and seek to break a new record.

For this third time they will compete with a Bentley Continental GT3 and although they have not announced their driver, it would not be strange that they also repeat for the third time with Rhys Millen. More important, however, is that they have not announced what will be the record that they will seek to break this time.

Just to have a reference, the time set in 2019 for the Bentley Bentayga was 10: 49.9 and that of the Continental GT in 2020 was 10: 18.488, so Aiming for the all-time high of 7: 57.148, set by the Volkswagen ID.R in 2018 sounds a long way off.. That of Pikes Peak Time Attack, on the other hand, not so much: 9: 36.559, established by a Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport in 2019.

What they did announce in advance is that this will be his third and last participation in this competition, and all the details of this latest challenge will be revealed on April 9.

2020 Bentley Pikes Peak