Bentley will go to the Shanghai Auto Show with this Bentayga Hybrid

The Coronavirus has brought the global automobile sector to a halt and this has been noticed in aspects such as production or sales. The number of launches has also fallen, although brands are picking up the pace to encourage customers. This pothole has affected more generalist firms, but those in the premium spectrum have not had much better either. The proof is in the step forward you have taken Bentley.

The English manufacturer is one of the most reputable among customers with the highest purchasing power. However, we have seen how in recent months its Mulliner customization division. This is because the best way to “get” money from your customers is by encouraging them to customize their cars to the extreme. This way they not only get a return on their sale, but on the entire engineering work what is behind the customization.

This Bentley Bentayga Hybrid has been created by Mulliner for an unknown customer from China

With this idea in mind, Bentley to attend the Shanghai Auto Show to continue promoting the Mulliner division and its best-selling model. This appointment, on the Asian calendar, will take place between April 21 and 28 and will be the showcase for show the public and the world a very special one-off. We refer to Bentayga Hybrid that they have created for a client and that everyone will be able to admire and, why not, envy.

If you remember, Bentley presented a month ago about the Bentayga the new Mulliner collection. However, the model you see in these images has nothing to do with the one advertised. This is so, because his body is dressed in a tone called Viridian that goes with the 22-inch Mulliner alloy wheels with Viridian accents on the inside. According to Bentley, this paint has gold and amber accents, there is nothing.

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The inside of this Bentayga Hybrid is upholstered in Cumbrian Green leather matching the Viridian exterior. Dashboard or door trims mix the metal with a decorative diamond-shaped pattern. Nor can we overlook the piano veneer to match these materials and the more than 100 meters of contrast stitching to highlight craftsmanship throughout the cabin.

Where there are no changes is in the mechanical section. The Bentayga Hybrid maintains the 3.0-liter V6 block associated with an electric one. The power is 450 hp and 700 Nm of maximum torque. Thanks to the 17.3 kWh lithium ion battery, it can drive up to 50 kilometers in zero emissions mode. Nothing is known about its price and its owner, although as a publicity stunt it is priceless …

Source – Bentley