All car and motorcycle brands offer various merchandising products that in some cases, especially in luxury brands, go far beyond what would seem logical: for example perfumes and colognes, which goes beyond handbags, jackets , belts, briefcases, backpacks, etc.

But perhaps the most curious of all is a food product: honey! Bentley, Lamborghini and Ducati are three brands that offer this sweet nectar, although few know this product. In fact, only Bentley has flaunted this product and advertised it as a gift that seems reserved only for special customers or select visitors to their factory. Its production is still very small.

Lamborghini produced 350 kilos of honey last year, which allowed them to make 2,200 glasses of honey that were distributed among the operators of the brand for Christmas and Ducati does the same. The funny thing is that all three brands are under the Volkswagen umbrella.

Where does the interest of these brands for beekeeping come from? It appears to be simply a “side product” of their concern for the environment. These brands use bees to ‘biomonitor’ the environment.

Lamborghini has a few hives inside the Lamborghini Park, a block next to the factory – 500 meters from it – ‘created’ in 2012. In it there are some hives and Lamborghini experts control the wax, honey and the bees themselves to measure the environmental impact of its factories. And it also allows us to see how our environment changes.

What’s more, at Lamborghini they are installing an advanced technology hive, equipped with an interior camera that allows to follow in real time the interior life of the hive and the instantaneous alteration caused by external elements, such as noise, rain or bad weather ; spikes in contamination.

The project started four years ago and more and more experiences are being drawn to reduce the environmental impact of the Italian factories of Lamborghini and Ducati. At Bentley there is another reason: to preserve biodiversity because the British Apis Mellifera is clearly in decline.

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