Bentley introduces its first 22-inch carbon fiber wheels

Bentley Bentayga Carbon Wheel

The tuning world and the aftermarket is so wide that it is scary to enter it. Especially for those who shy away from him believing that he is only associated with the “cani” and badass side of fans of the automobile sector. There is more life behind that neon window and fiber spoilers of inordinate size. Both, as from the brands themselves they have developed complete catalogs of accessories. It sounds like you Bentley Mulliner or McLaren MSO.

Okay, more than designing and selling aftermarket parts they are dedicated to customizing their own models. But if we simplify their mission, basically this remains. Well, the pinnacle of fine tuning comes with these impressive 22-inch carbon fiber wheels. Yes, you read that correctly, they are not made of alloy and yes, their size is that of a family-size paella pan (55.88 centimeters). Its creator is the English manufacturer Bentley, but it has not been alone.

Bentley has developed these carbon fiber wheels together with Bucci Composites …

Bentley Bentayga Carbon Wheel

Bentley Bentayga Carbon Wheel

To shape these carbon fiber wheels Bentley has collaborated with Mulliner Y Bucci Composites. And you may wonder, how long did it take to carry out their development? Well, you will be surprised, because they have been with it for more than a year. To be more exact, have worked for five years. You may think that it is a long time, but we must point out that they are the first fiber rims to pass the TÜV tests.

As you can see in the photos, these impressive 22-inch wheels were made for the Bentayga. If we do the math, the model has been on sale since 2015 so the development of these tires had to start at the same time as the sale of this SUV. And hence it may have taken so long. The reason: taking into account that their average weight comfortably exceeds 2,200 kilos, they have had to study all the possible cases.

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That is, in addition to offering a weight up to six kilos less than aluminum onesThey can put up with all kinds of “mistreatment.” To verify their durability they have been tested in biaxial stress tests, radial and lateral impact tests to simulate potholes and cobblestones, tire overpressure and excessive torque tests that exceed allowable limits. In addition, it reduces tire wear thanks to its greater rigidity.

According to Bentley, the benefits of these new tires: increased safety, greater steering agility, better and more responsive braking and less tire wear. For its manufacture, the firm has indicated that, use a patented processor but not the time it takes to do them. Better not to talk about its price, because coming from cheap Mulliner, what is said cheap, will not be. Ah, they’ll be avalaible, on request, at the end of this 2021.

Source – Bentley

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